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Does anyone know if the wall truly is being built?

Ok yes to be honest Trump's new slogan is "Finnish that wall" which prompts this question "if we're finishing this wall.. when did we start building it?" To which I will answer with another question specifically at the administration: if we already started building the wall.. who's the contractors?
SimplyTracie26-30, F Best Comment
Trump said that a large portion of the wall is either built or fully renovated. Who knows, it might already be done. His groupies say he doesn鈥檛 lie so let鈥檚 trust him.

Now, what should we do with the $1.6 billion congress allocated for the Wall?
I say build a couple VA hospitals. Or at least one and a couple VA clinics.

Anyone wanna toast to that? 馃嵏
@SimplyTracie just did
UserNameSW46-50, M
@SimplyTracie 馃
SimplyTracie26-30, F
@UserNameSW Cheers 馃槉

MasterLee56-60, M
Chaps your ass it seems
@MasterLee can't disagree with logic and truth
MasterLee56-60, M
@Mistakesmakeus did you try google
@MasterLee yeah, SLSCO was contracted to build a few miles of the wall last year. But I'm talking about the full wall not a few miles of it. Who's the contractors building it right now? No one
lovelychicadee41-45, F
It is my understanding that Trump is building new border barriers, not his big beautiful concrete wall that Mexico will pay for. He will exaggerate the truth any way he can to make himself look good. In 2006 the Secure Fence Act went into place which had support from both parties. This seems to be what is continuing to be constructed, there is no wall to finish.
beckyromero36-40, F
Trump upped the technology.

It's now an invisible wall.

This way, Democrats can say there is no wall and Trump can say he built it.
SimplyTracie26-30, F
beckyromero36-40, F
@Mistakesmakeus [quote]um.. excuse me but.. where's the solar panels?[/quote]

They're in orbit. SpaceForce's job.
@beckyromero but the wall has to have solar panels.. how else are we gonna make our monies back?
Just let him have it, his sheep will think it鈥檚 built and we won鈥檛 have to spend a gazillion in tax payer money for an actual win
SimplyTracie26-30, F
@Notmesam Seems plausible. The groupies will believe anything.
Money was appropriated in 2018, for a few miles of barriers, along the southern border, and they have been in the process of building it.
The Amish are building it and when done they will have a Wall Raising !
UserNameSW46-50, M
Next will be a pinata with "we paid"

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