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Why do people hate "SJWs" so much?

I've never seen an alleged "SJW" be anywhere near as annoying, unfunny, or dangerous as the people who oppose them.
Burnley123 · 36-40, M
I think it's largely an obsession created by right-wing media, particularly on Youtube. It's about finding the silliest example of the 19-year old student activists, making a video about it and then saying that this is representative of the entire political left.
LvChris · 41-45, M
[@422868,Burnley123] This ties in to the comment I was going to post. I don't see or hear from many "SJW" people at all. I do, however, find stories about them plastered all over right-wing media and posted by our political trolls on SW.
Burnley123 · 36-40, M
[@335805,LvChris] IKR. Its largely from YouTube.

None of these eopke have met Sjws Irl. None of them engage with their arguments as the stands.

Its really weird that they can give so much primacy to student politics anyway.
Emosaur · M
Because they hold objectively wrong and harmful beliefs which they try to push into politics. If someone is that stubborn about such dangerous beliefs it's hard to stay chill about it and sometimes there's not really any other way than getting loud about it so they shut up for once.
They also give the entire left a bad reputation; ever noticed how conservatives on this site would rant about anyone even remotely more left-leaning than them, calling them SJW's? From my perspective this has become way too common to not consider SJW's a potential threat.
Emosaur · M
[@744709,EnjoyTheFeast] Ah, so because I'm a man I'm not allowed to explain things to a woman?
This is exactly what I mean; by spewing out silly, made up terms such as "mansplaining" you're practicing misandry by deeming men explaining things and stating facts as sexist. Now [i]that[/i] is sexist.

And of course you still believe the wage gap is about sexism...
It is not; it's simply a gap caused by different average incomes of full-time working women and men which doesn't take things like hours worked, different paying jobs or different job positions as well as education into consideration. It has [i]nothing[/i] to do with sexism.
Oh, but lemme guess, since I'm a man who's stating those oh so evil facts I'm mansplaining and therefore a sexist, right?!

The only real issues you named are genital mutilation as well as racism which can affect [b]anyone[/b]; women [i]and[/i] men, and also LGBT persecution of [i]anyone[/i] on the spectrum; again, women [i]and[/i] men.

Now lemme tell you; you just showed exactly what is wrong with modern feminism. You are low-key sexist, believe in myths like the wage gap (maybe also the pink tax) and view universal issues which can affect [b]anyone[/b] from only one side.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there was no more sexism towards women or racism towards people of color, but it should be obvious that anyone can experience sexism and racism, regardless of gender or skin color/ethnicity.
I'm all for equality which is why I consider myself an egalitarian, but I just can't stand feminism's one-sidedness.
EnjoyTheFeast · 18-21, F
I don't consider the concept of men explaining things to women sexist, but men explaining sexism to women? Definitely. Furthermore, the wage gap is not a myth, and if you genuinely believe it is you're even dumber than I thought. I could debunk the rest of your points, point out prejudice plus power and whatnot, but you clearly aren't willing to listen, so why bother? I do like how offended you got over me suggesting you might be sexist though, thanks for the laugh. Getting needlessly defensive over such accusations is usually a sign that they're correct.
Emosaur · M
[@744709,EnjoyTheFeast] [quote]I don't consider the concept of men explaining things to women sexist, but men explaining sexism to women? Definitely.[/quote]

So sexism is not a "thing"? Alright then...

[quote]Furthermore, the wage gap is not a myth, and if you genuinely believe it is you're even dumber than I thought.[/quote]

So acknowledging all the factors that contribute to the wage gap being a thing instead of just being like "Oh no, women make less on average than men!" makes [i]me[/i] the stupid one? Sounds about right! 😂

[quote]you clearly aren't willing to listen[/quote]

What makes you say that? Do you think I would reply to you that thoroughly if I wasn't willing to listen? If anything, [i]you[/i] don't seem willing to listen to me since you collectively rejected all points I was trying to make.
I am absolutely willing to hear you out, but if you seriously think you won't be presented counter arguments and continue to reject your opponent's points you're definitely unfit for debates.

[quote]I do like how offended you got over me suggesting you might be sexist though[/quote]

Ahh, projection. Because you can't handle the fact that people have views different from yours, you accuse them of being offended.
The SJW mentality is so easy to see through...

[quote]Getting needlessly defensive over such accusations is usually a sign that they're correct.[/quote]

Wrong again. Lemme ask you, how would you feel if someone falsely accused and defamed you? Wouldn't you try your best and refute those accusations that could seriously harm your reputation?
Since you obviously tried to portray me as a sexist, of course it made me upset and so arguing against it was a completely natural reaction. Nothing to do with being "offended" or "triggered".
GlassDog · 41-45, M
I don't understand the opposition. Is that people saying that there isn't enough injustice in the world and they want more?
Emosaur · M
[@24313,GlassDog] They didn't name themselves, that's why.
Geno1996 · 26-30, M
[@24313,GlassDog] Nothing is ever enough for them. That's why there's no point in trying to even please SJWs because there's no pleasing them. You can cure cancer and save the entire planet and they'll still find some way to whine about it.
EnjoyTheFeast · 18-21, F
[@711771,Nerdygamingdude] Source?
Miram · 26-30, F
It is a trendy thing.

It has more to do with being accepted by the majority than the group isolated and targeted. It has a biological function, the value of the group is none without portraying those outside of it as a threat.
Geno1996 · 26-30, M
Because they whine and cry about literally everything and try so hard to find racism and sexism where it doesn't belong and they constantly attack movies or video games that they don't even watch or play. They don't like anything but just live to whine about it and get anything they don't censored. Also, they literally wanna make everything politicized which is absolutely unnecessary. There are SJWs on both political sides though, but the ones on the left are the ones always annoying people, especially when they behave like children.
Scubaguy027 · 41-45, M
I don't hate them. Most just annoy the ever loving shit out of me.
AgapeLove · M
Because they hold white people to racial double standards, spread myths about wage gaps, oftentimes deny biology, and hinder the middle east from making progress by calling those who criticize religious zealotry as "islamophobic"
SW User
In my own personal experience, i've come across only a few SJW's who think it's a good idea to dictate to me what my preferences should be and why. Disagreeing is out of the question and it just becomes yet another argument behind screen. Those experiences somewhat ruined their reputation for me. Not all people who believe in social justice are as aggressive as the one's i've encountered i'm sure and it would be a welcome change for me to see.
SW User
It's just a way for shitty people to misjudge people with a sense of common decency.

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