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If witness tampering is illegal;

Why has this gone un-noticed by the GOP (The party of law and order).

It makes reference to the two GOP (and initial supporters of Trump) suspects, recently charged with respectively; Insider trading and misuse of election contributions. Because they supported Trump, Trump clearly believes they shouldn't have been arrested or indicted. And blames Sessions because Sessions didn't stop it happening...Isn't there something in the oath of office about upholding the law and the Constitution and NOT personal gain? 馃
jackjjackson61-69, M
Let鈥檚 start with a civics quiz. The DOJ is part of what branch of the US government?
jackjjackson61-69, M
[image deleted]@room101
room10151-55, M
@jackjjackson What have I told you before about repeating yourself. I suppose that, living in your little echo chamber as you do, hearing yourself over and over and over again, and again, and daily life.

But for us, it's pretty boring 馃槾馃槾馃槾
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Really, I think it's just the "take care" clause, along with the impeachment for high crimes and midemeanors in the Constitution, and this actually isn't going unnoticed by the GOP as much as it's been ignored.

My suspicion is that most Republicans are holding their nose and hoping to get as much out of him as they can before things go South, like Kavanaugh.
eli160170-79, M
@MistyCee 馃槀 Keep hoping
@eli1601 I'm not even hoping for the South part in the next chapter, tbh, as much as for a chapter after that that isn't truly horrific, when it just becomes accepted that being elected president means you're above the law and can do whatever the hell you want.
Seems like witness tampering to me. The traditional GOP is not going to say anything, with the midterms looming. The President is immune from witness tampering anyway, but not saying anything could backfire.

To him, it's a risk free strategy. If the traditionalists complain, and he manages to drown them out, with Twitter rhetoric, then they permanently lose. If the traditionalists reach their audience, it matters very little, as they'll still vote for his positions.
eli160170-79, M
@HerKing 馃槀 Keep hoping
HerKing56-60, M
@eli1601 Nothing to do with hope...I typed your horoscope.
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Republicans don't care about anything other than their team winner and being mean to minorities.
DanteD51-55, M
The handwriting on the wall says "shortly after the mid-terms is when the serious change will occur"....are we ready for the changes?
eli160170-79, M

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