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Does this make sense?

In Feb. 2016 it was reported to the Broward Country sheriff's office that the Florida shooter (I will not use his name) that he had posted on Instagram a picture of himself holding his gun and wrote that he was going to shoot his school.

In the fall of 2016 school authorities found bullets in his backpack after a fight and he was no longer allowed to carry a backpack. (I suppose bullets don't fit in men's pants pockets?)

Also in the fall of 2016 he was asked not to come back to the school campus because he had threatened several students.

Jan. 2017 shooter was involved in an assault in the school and was suspended for one day (OMG such harsh punishment) and this prompted the school to request a threat assessment. There is no evidence the assessment was actually conducted at this time. (Well, these things fall through the cracks, don't you know.)

Feb. 8, 2017 Shooter was finally expelled from school due to disciplinarian reasons and records show he bought the gun he used in three shooting 3 days later. One student said she believed he was expelled for bringing knives to school.

Interestingly, last Wednesday the superintendent of the Broward County school stated they had no prior warnings that shooter was a threat. He further stated that there may have been signs he was a threat but they had not received any complaints or calls about him.(HOW ABOUT ALL THE CRAP HE PULLED IN YOUR SCHOOLS, COULD THOSE BE SIGNS YOU IDIOT?)

Sept. 24, 2017 YouTube user contacted the FBI tip line and reported a (shooter's name spelled correctly) had commented on one of his posts that shooter replied that he was going to be a professional school shooter. He states the FBI came to his office the following day to ask what he knew about shooter. He did not hear from them again until several hours after the shooting. (Better late than never, huh.)

The BI acknowledges receiving the tip but stated they could not follow up because they could not identify a date and/or time or the true identity of the (shooter) person who had made the comment. (Jeez, had they bothered to check they'd have found the comment came from the person whose name was exactly as it as reported to them.)

Jan. 5, 2018 FBI received a tip providing shooters name again spelled correctly), info about the guns he owned, his desire to kill people, his disturbing social media posts but they did not investigate.

Feb. 14, 2018 A school staff person noticed shooter walking toward school with purpose and notified the police. Despite having 2 officers assigned to this school they did not intervene. We now know that one of these assigned officers hid outside the school while listening to the shooting, surely knowing innocent people were being slaughtered. He has reassigned.

The high school where this shooting occurred failed these kids. The local law enforcement authorities failed these kids. The fbi failed these kids. Twice. The psychological "expert" failed these kids.

But the left is focusing on the NRA and trying to lay the blame on them. And some wonder why we can't seem to get reasonable, common sense laws passed that would at least help prevent these incidents. The answer is clear, one side has no reason or common sense. Of course we understand the purpose in attacking the NRA. They are a lobbying group who donate to politicians, just like planned parenthood does and the left wants to disrupt legal activities they don't like or agree with.
SW User
They will always do whatever it takes to keep the focus on guns, gun laws, the NRA and anything else but the real issues. An unarmed, defenseless population, which lacks the ability for critical thinking, is easily controlled.
QuixoticSoul · 36-40, M
When you do a postmortem of all of these incidents, there is usually a chain of failures - but that's how it always is, from 9/11, to Columbine, to any serious industrial accident. And few people would not want to improve those intermediate measures that help stop incidents before they happen, at all levels of the problem.

But we also have these types of shootings on a weekly basis, in a variety of contexts - and we are the [i]only[/i] developed country that does. After a while, it becomes silly to pretend that ease of access to high-efficiency weaponry and general American gun culture are not factors in all of this.
katielass · F
[@580625,QuixoticSoul] You failed to offer a legitimate or coherent excuse for the left trying to blame the NRA instead of the government who failed at every level. I don't hear anyone calling for accountability in the sheriff office or the FBI, except from the right. But that's no surprise, they are the ones with common sense. The left merely reacts like lemmings to what their agenda driven masters bleat out for them to regurgitate. Pathetic.
QuixoticSoul · 36-40, M
[@120824,katielass] What exactly makes you think that (((the left))) isn't blaming inaction of FBI, etc, in this tragedy? Every major outlet on both sides of the aisle is running articles about mistakes of law enforcement.
You'd have served this information better if you didn't become partisan in your last paragraph. Just saying 🤷
[@120824,katielass] 🤣
Maybe one day...sigh
katielass · F
[@586746,Snuffles] don't strain yourself. The world you make today is the one you will live most of your life in. And I know something you don't know but you'll find out.
[@120824,katielass] sure. I have offered only a way to an actual dialogue. Guess you've shown your true colors 🤷
No, I don't think it makes all that much sense, but I also don't think the NRA leadership has historically shown much common sense either, and it sure seems like the pressure on it, from the left, as well as from the right, is a good thing.

Law enforcement needs to do better, for sure, but the NRA should continue to be pressured to focus on "responsible gun ownership" instead of engaging in rabid pro guns at all costs propaganda.

The focus on banning all private gun ownership and repealing the Second Amendment isn't IMO, all that productive, but neither is denying that we have a gun problem.

I think the planned Parenthood analogy is not as really as apt some others, but if we're looking for other analogies, why not look at alcohol.

The NRA may be right that Prohibition wouldn't work, but we regulated alcohol, and when abuse became a problem, society couldn't tolerate, we raised the drinking age, and started imposing stiffer DWI laws.

I wonder, could you be an NRA member and still in good conscience, be a member of a group called Mothers against Mass Shootings?
katielass · F
[@479686,MistyCee] You obviously have not been listening to the NRA, but rather to those idiots who lie about what they say. smh
[@120824,katielass] No, I've been been listening to them for years, and it's pretty fucking scary how dishonest they are.

But, I'm hoping the pressure helps, and they'll show they actually do give a shit about something but power and money they can get by manipulating gun fetishists..
Heartlander · 80-89, M
I have yet to see the names of the individual FBI officials who were responsible for ignoring the warnings. I have yet to see a public admonishment of Sheriff Scott Israel for his and his department's incompetence.
katielass · F
[@66493,Heartlander] And you wont see their names or any admonishments of the ones who failed the kids. The left is more interested in exploiting this atrocity to further their political goals, i.e. try to place the blame on the NRA. They can't stand when people stand together unless it's something they like, like oh say the right to slaughter innocent babies in the womb.
Heartlander · 80-89, M
[@120824,katielass] Yea, it's like Black Lives Matter to CNN, but only when there's a white police officer involved.
Lots and lots of clues for Columbine too .. didn't stop it from happening.

"It takes a village to raise a child." -Afr proverb
katielass · F
[@10925,waleskinder] It works better if two parents raise a child. I think we've seen enough of what happens when a kid grows up in a dysfunctional home without two loving parents. I have to say gay parents do a much better job of raising their kids. I suggest heterosexual parents take note.

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