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If you were president of the USA....

What ideas can you come up with to make the country safer....and what ideas can you come up with to make the schools safer?

This is not a post to bash and argue about Trump, Obama, or any other president. Such posts will be deleted.
LvChris · 41-45, M Best Comment
Raise taxes on corporations, use the money to fund safety net and training programs, drag people up out of poverty on the backs of billionaires who got their billions from the impoverished, and boom everywhere is safer. After that, start disarming the cowboys. And yes, for anyone who says, "you can take all my guns from my cold dead hands," it can be that way if they want. I don't want all the guns, but there should not be more guns than people in the country.

Is being "safer" the only goal? Is that the be-all, end-all?

If that is the goal, above all else, then eliminate [b][u]ALL[/u][/b] firearms of any kind from civilians and non-military agencies. Confiscate all blades longer than ... idk... six inches? three inches? Establish curfews across the country with exceptions only for work. Put up checkpoints every few miles or at least between cities to check for illegal guns and other stuff. Build security walls around schools and other areas needing protection.

I could go on, but you get the point. I've had active shooter drills since Kindergarten (they weren't always called that though). There is no way to make any building 100% "safe" and still live in a free country.

But you didn't ask how do we make schools safe. You asked how can we make them safer (than they are now).

1. [b]Control access[/b]. It is WAY too easy to get in and out of my school during the day. I'm a senior...ask me how I know. 🙄

2. [b]Search us[/b]. Yup, I said it. Search us. Every day. If that means metal detectors, then fine. If it means some other kind of tech, then fine. But there's LOTS of stuff in my school every single day that shouldn't be here.

3. [b]Patrol the place[/b]. We have a police officer who is in our school sometimes. But I think he has like three or four schools that he goes to and maybe other police stuff too. What's good about him is he makes friends with the kids and knows who the ones are to watch for whatever. But he's not here anywhere near enough.

And you can also do the little things like bump stocks and big magazines and assault rifles if you want, but none of those things will make us safer. The stuff above will.
[@689800,wildflowerz] So fund it.
[@613918,Jessica2000] The US government should fund it imo.
[@689800,wildflowerz] Ok. Doesn't really matter who funds it as long as it gets funded.
All schools would have a gun not admitted until they go through it.

Teachers who wish to carry a gun would be allowed, but must pass tests to prove they are mentally capable and can handle a gun.
jackj · 56-60, M
There might be issues about whether this teacher or that teacher should have been allowed to carry. People are so litigious. [@337979,ColleenOhara]
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
Leave it up to the local community. There is no national program that would work universally.
Lock down rooms, metal detector, there has to be some sort of weapon access (code and location only known to teachers). Not sure how else you deal with someone with a gun. Police take way too long.
[@689800,wildflowerz] Best Answer.
[@337979,ColleenOhara] Thanks, yours too. Training is essential. I'm sure there has to be sane ideas out there to prevent this.
[@689800,wildflowerz] We can only hope. You had some excellent ideas.
Northwest · M
What LvChris, said, but to paraphrase:

1. Divert 1% of the nearly $800B military budget to a special K-12 fund. That would be about $8B.

2. Use this fund for a 1-1 fund matching, for local schools, on the condition that funds matched do not come from the already approved local schools budgets, slotted for "education" only purposes.

3. The 2018 department of Education allocated $59 billion in discretionary funding, a $9 billion or 13 percent decrease below the 2017 annualized CR level. Restore those funds, and allocate them to a special College security fund.

4. Colleges can get a 1-1 match from the federal College security fund. Public colleges automatically qualify, private colleges can get matching funds, using a formula based on how much public funding their receive, on a per capita basis, relative to public colleges in the same area.

This should take care of the security issue.

This, of course, does not address the issue of more money to increase "actual" education. Perhaps another 1% of the military budget should be re-allocated? Do we need more nukes?
[@1158,Jackjjacksonjr] Well. It used to be the one studied the liberal arts to become educated and well rounded. To be able to understand history, economics, philosophy, religion. It used to be that our leaders and innovators were all educated like that.

Now even large state universities with graduate programs treat education as a vocational school. It's not uncommon to find college graduates who have absolutely no exposure to basics of Western intellectual history. Similarly it's possible to find liberal arts types who have avoided anything scientific and quantitative their whole lives.

I agree with you. It's a tragedy for kids to hold $100K of debt from studying anthropology. Legit comment. It's also a tragedy for kids to study business or engineering and to have no clue about the roots of Western civilization.
Northwest · M
[@1158,Jackjjacksonjr] It took about 14 years, from concept to first shovel, for the Golden Gate Bridge.

You may be thinking about other depression era public works projects. COIT tower would be an example.

I'm all for Public Works projects. The irony is that they were rejected on partisan basis during the Obama administration. The reason why I say the Trump proposal is smoke and mirrors, is that it's not really about "public works", because the government would only be providing a small fraction of the funds.
jackj · 56-60, M
True. It seems like a good thing to know at least a little about an array of subjects. Not necessarily enough to be on Jeopardy lol. [@482591,CopperCicada]
drymer · 56-60, M
I've lived in 3 different countries (not USA) and in none of them there's a need to "make schools safer", because kids can't get guns anywhere... Weird.

But frankly I think the issue goes well beyond the "gun control" topic... It's a cultural thing: the idea that killing someone is an acceptable solution to whatever.

Perhaps the visceral need of many Americans to own guns is rooted in a sense of vulnerability and helplessness that only a gun can balance...?

"Solutions" like metal detectors or making school staff wear guns are just band-aids that attempt to mask wider, more serious issues within the fabric of American society....
abe182 · 46-50, M
*I would assign a general to get rid of the excess spending in the military and add funds where needed. Same thing would happen in the bureaucracy.
*As far as gun violence in schools, I would meet with military specialists and police officers, and get their expertise. Once a general strategy has been developed
I would have an online meeting with all the governors and put this in their lap with government funding to ensure it was executed properly but they can modify as such according to the local need.
*Schools will have higher calorie meals because if you're hungry you aren't learning.
*The TSA would be revamped and follow procedures that EL AL uses.
jackj · 56-60, M
On site trained security personal with seriously weaponry perhaps four outside and two inside with contents video monitoring and metal detectors. Limited number of access points. No armed teachers.
gregloa · 56-60, M
It’s becoming increasingly popular. I believe it’s become much better over the years. [@240020,gregloa]
gregloa · 56-60, M
[@4813,MissMollyCharlotte0702] it’s what I do.
SW User
I'd kick all the terrorist Eastern fuckers right out and stop letting them in. Then I'd kick out all the ILLEGALS and force businesses back inland outta China for good. Walmart would be replaced by main street and everyone would own a gun.
Peekaboo20 · 22-25, F
I'd repeal the second amendment and make America more civil like Canada and GB. You guys like to play gun toting cowboys too much, and thus your murder rate is more than ten times what it could be.
empty78 · 41-45, M
Re-instating state mental hospitals, but that is a state issue. Idk about other states but Texas has closed most of them
Really? Wow![@564789,Ernest]
Sarabee · 41-45
Free canabis for over 18
Every one must learn to shoot (except the mentally ill)
Every one has to cook and have group meals
Recess never ends
I love the recess never ends. Everyone needs to be relaxed and have some downtime and exercise from work and at high schools.[@545328,Sarabee]
Sarabee · 41-45
[@4813,MissMollyCharlotte0702] our road rage is terrible
I think so too[@6757,questionWeaver]
SpaceAce · 26-30, M
There is a problem with the gradient of laws, either we make more zones restricting the access of fire arms or less. The problem with the idiot called society would be using the same argument and not seeing the irony. 🥂🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓
Lots of great responses here

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