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Are professional politicians a necessary evil? OR ....

.... is there a way to run the government with citizen office holders elected for one or two terms maximum? SOMEONE’S interests which are not yours and mind are bring furthered by professional politicians. Look at the sleaze be it bribes, sex abuse, lies, election fraud, professional politicians are a distasteful bunch. Do we need them? Wouldn’t we be better off without them?

Utah for example is run by one legislative body not two consisting of less than 50 people doing it PART TIME. If Utahans can do it why not the rest of us?

[image deleted]
It would seem a good start would be removing the incentives that create professional politicians. Our representatives should represent their constituents, not corporate lobbyists or lobbyists from special interest groups of any sort. All lobbyists should be banned. All corporate and special interest group donations to campaigns should be banned. No exceptions.
jackj · 56-60, M
✅ [@482591,CopperCicada]
It would be interesting if it was like jury duty.

Just think, politicians would make decisions because it's their duty rather than their way to more power!
jackj · 56-60, M
That’s a concept. The person should have to have a job, not be in a mental hospital and a few other minimum standards. [@489424,Jimmyorjames]
hlpflwthat · M
[@1158,Jackjjacksonjr] So no housewives or retirees? 😏(devil's advocate). 100% with you on this, and willing to sacrifice the occasional stellar representative to do so.

While you're messin round with this olive branch of yours, what about campaign spending limits of some sort? Another reason we get such a shitty product out of DC is the constant 'fund-raising'(partying) they're doing while they're supposed to be working for us. You can stream nightly to the world from your man cave now fer chrissakes. The public will find you if they want to know your message.

How we spend $3 Billion every 2 years and double that on the Presidential years - beyond me. People are getting [b][i]paid[/i][/b]. The 'professional' of that machinery is as much a concern as pro politicians. Would they eat a non-pro for breakfast?
jackj · 56-60, M
Spending limits of course. House persons and retirees with previous similar experience would be included. I could have worded that better. [@501695,hlpflwthat]
TexChik · F
Congress is the major cause of the corruption in government .

Hi Jack!
jackj · 56-60, M
Good point. Imagine if we started by getting ride or around 550 unnecessary blood suckers?

[image deleted]

[@1158,Jackjjacksonjr] Cool. Getting rid of whole branches of government. Nothing wrong with that. 🙄
jackj · 56-60, M
No no no. I’m proposing g replacing the butts in the seats. [@482591,CopperCicada]
katielass · F
My state government is part time as well. Btw, the Mormon church pretty much runs the state of Utah.
nudistsueaz · 56-60, F
Does anyone know when the term "professional politician" first used? It doesn't seem to be working well.

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