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FLASHBACK - February 2017: "Trump signs bill reversing Obama rule to ban gun purchases by mentally ill" You know who to blame for this

WASHINGTON — President Trump killed a regulation that would have tightened gun background checks Tuesday, signing a bill to undo one of his predecessor's executive actions following the San Bernardino shootings in 2015.

The Obama administration rule required the Social Security Administration to submit records of mentally disabled people to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, the FBI database used to determine whether someone can buy a firearm under the 1993 Brady Bill.

The rule would have applied to about 75,000 people who were “adjudicated as a mental defective" and who had applied for Social Security benefits, and had a mechanism to notify those affected so they could appeal. But congressional Republicans said the rule could ensnare people who had mental health issues but otherwise were competent to own a gun.

The Social Security Administration finalized the rule last Dec. 19. But under the Congressional Review Act, Congress has 60 legislative days to disapprove of any new regulation on straight majority votes. The vote was 57-43 in the Senate and 235-180 in the House.

Such disgrace. Hypocrites will tell it's nothing to do with this. Btw, knives are far more dangerous in the hands of a mass killer. I had them sing the song inside my post from last night. Sighs.
Abstraction · 56-60, M
[@414209,SapphicHeart] I'm sorry knives are what? THat's such a silly statement. The statistics are clear. Guns kill more people by a long way, knives barely register by comparison.
Greenbare · 70-79, M
[@608929,Abstraction] In the UK they have banned all guns for years. They now have one of the highest rates of violence of any country, and a huge problem with killings by knives and swords.
Sarcasm. Sorry if that wasn't clear to you by the rest of my comment.
SolveEtCoagula · 31-35, F
The NRA spent 31 million on Trump's campaign (plus to attack Hillary at the same time.) I bet he did that to appease his donors. There must have been some planning before hand because I don't know of anyone who would spend 31 million if they weren't sure they could have Trump as their lap dog (no offense to lap dogs.)

It's really sick.

[quote]Trump was one of the biggest beneficiaries of the NRA's spending in the last election, with the group pumping more than $31 million into advertising to boost his candidacy and to attack his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton. The spending was remarkable because the NRA was the largest, well-established outside group to back Trump's unorthodox campaign.[/quote]
Greenbare · 70-79, M
Would not have applied to School Shooter.

ONLY applied to older citizens on Social Security. There is NO record of older citizens ever being involved in school shootings or other mass killings.
Greenbare · 70-79, M
[@10989,SatyrService] The LV shooter was 40s or 50s. He still worked as a pilot.

The losing rights thing is also a problem at government jobs that have Security Clearances. Men who work with security clearance avoid getting psychological help for personal traumas because it may take away their clearance and thus their job. The result is that some significant percent of Security Clearances are held by men who should have gotten psychological help for divorces, losses, etc. The big penalty for men who get psychological help keeps them from doing so. Same standard is not applied to women.
SatyrService · 100+, M
[@11432,Greenbare] I really appreciate your thoughtful answers, and what you have just described sounds like a recipe for trouble, but with no clear solution.
I know the military, has altered some of its practices, in order to encourage those with difficulties to come forward.
I think a great deal of the issues that harm many men in America have this component in common to seek help, in some ways paint a Target on them. In fiction, remember that Tony Soprano, was terrified his workers would find out he was seeing a psychiatrist.
JudasGoat · M
[@10989,SatyrService] SSDI (Social Security Disability) has records of persons receiving benefits because of mental illness
It is true that the mass majority of Shooters are between the ages of 20 and 49 but there have been some younger and some older.
SatyrService · 100+, M
I'll ask, what you don't understand, was said by a nutjob I met.
" I don't care about all these shootings that they keep saying are happening I don't care if everybody else' kid gets shot, I will keep my gun and protect my family. "
Greenbare · 70-79, M
Nonsense. That legislation had NOTHING to do with the Florida situation.
AHugo · 61-69, M
What Social Security Administration Payments was he getting? None as far as I can tell.
JudasGoat · M
[@672332,AHugo] You miss the point and there is no reference to whether he gets SSDI or not...He obviously was seeing a Dr for mental illness.

But back to the main point...Trump undid an Obama era order because he thought it was the "[b][i]Cool[/i][/b]" thing to do so he could impress his extremist fan base whether it is the right thing to do or not.

We need more accountability and control on who get's access to firearms.m not relaxing or removing them as Trump did. He's is s threat to national security
AHugo · 61-69, M
[@523604,JudasGoat] Your point was "THE FL HS SHOOTING IS WHAT HAPPENS .......

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