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Why does NO ONE point out that Obama isnt really black?

He was born to a white woman whose family raised him in non-black schools and communities. He barely knew his African family and even if he did, that isn't an African American experience because they aren't Americans. He didn't grow up in a black neighborhood with black schools and black churches and all the struggles of being a black boy attempting to get to manhood in a black world. He didn't date black women until he thought he might run for office one day and the optics would be better with a black woman by his side in the campaign photos. Hell, he proposed to a white woman before Michelle - twice. There is a reason there are practically no black women saying they dated him. He is no blacker than the average white liberal who does some community organizing in the "hood". The only thing black about him is his skin - and it seems blacks couldn't even see that or didn't care.

When you consider what he actually did for the people who supported and worshiped him the most through 8 years, it is embarrassing. It makes blacks look like fools. While campaigning for Hillary in an attempt to deliver black votes, he talked down to blacks saying that it would be an insult to his legacy if they didn't vote for the white woman that called their children predators and claimed to carry hot sauce in her purse.
sillysweetgirl · 22-25, F
My mom loves to point out that Obama is half white. But people seemed to forget that. And whenever he talked to the nation over this and that it was like we were children that needed to be lectured for being bad. He never really spoke positively
AMERICA1ST · 56-60, M
[@393845,sillysweetgirl] Right. And it wouldn't even be a problem if he was all white but grew up black - meaning in some manifestation of the black experience in America. He did not. He has no real life cultural basis to call himself black - let alone the first black president. It is one of the greatest frauds perpetrated on America and easily the biggest one ever put over on black folks.
sillysweetgirl · 22-25, F
They saw his skin and didn't look farther. Drunk on his campaign lies and blinded by a want for the 1st black man in office
katielass · F
Because they are incapable of having an actual thought. I guess their heads might explode or something, IDK.

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