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The Gardener

For July Writing Prompts- July 2nd- Seduced

[center][b]The Gardener[/b][/center]

[center][i]I tilled her earthen desires
Until the dawning hours
Enrichening her flower
With meticulous care

By hand, and with my voice
My lips pressed
To whisper new heights
Giving way to sudden cries

And likened to lightning from Zeus
I was immeasurably seduced
Awakening a carnal hunger
Her feast of nectar and wonder

An etching of furrowed sites
A vernal equinox of delight
Evocative and soulful sighs
Of memories made. [/i][/center]
Wow. Your caliber of expressing is always so uniquely lush, deep, and this is mmm! Luscious. 馃敟馃┓
CCMorgan51-55, M
@Magenta Aww, 馃
Thank you so much M. 馃槡
You gave me the inspiration, with your own delicious story 馃挏
@CCMorgan It was all my pleasure. Heh.
I hope you continue to write. 馃
ChampagneOnIce51-55, F
Beautifully penned - well done! You write so well.
ChampagneOnIce51-55, F
@CCMorgan I understand. I鈥檓 not really inspired anymore. It makes me sad. I can鈥檛 seem to write much, and when I do, I don鈥檛 really like it. I鈥檓 glad others write, though. I hope you鈥檒l write more.
CCMorgan51-55, M
@ChampagneOnIce That is exactly it. It is a sad feeling, when one can't find the inspiration they used to... if you are like me though, I will read something that someone else writes and sometimes find that old feeling of inspiration again. I may not write quite as well as when I was more 'on my game' but when I write, it is somewhat therapeutic too. 鈽笍 Especially when friends like you comment. It means more to me than you know 馃
ChampagneOnIce51-55, F
@CCMorgan I鈥檓 so glad you鈥檙e writing again. I鈥檝e always enjoyed your poems, and I hope the prompts inspire you. They sometimes inspire me, as do other鈥檚 writings, as you said. Thank you.

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