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Erotic Poetry

She saunters through the room
For everyone to see
Her path, a trail of doom
For our dreaded destiny.

Her beauty stands out uppermost
With her beautiful silver and grey
Such supple, pale skin like a ghost
The most elegant in every way

I yearn to touch her skin
But she has other plans
To make me feel the want within
For the pain from her hand.

We call her Mademoiselle
We bow to her beck and call
For we fear our soul she’ll sell
And to hell we all will fall.

Don’t fuck with me, my dear
As she taps me on my shoulder-
I look deeply into the eyes of fear
Into the eyes of my beholder.

She senses my fear and smirks at me
Then she snaps her fingers with grace
I look around and she is nowhere to be
But I still clearly see her face.

She appeared to me that night
An image so clear yet strong
She let me have her, made her mine
I had waited way too long.

She undressed me with her hands
Then touched my burning skin
I did the same on her demand
She said, Now we can begin.

Her breasts so supple, and so big
As my mouth descended upon
I was so afraid to even blink
For fear, she would be gone

Down her body my tongue did draw
And smelled the aroma of her sex
She looked at me in gaping awe
For she knew what was coming next.

My tongue found her sweet abyss
In her pleasure that was so divine
I made her shudder with each lick and kiss
As my fingers went deep, she was mine.

My head was removed after forever
But said nothing when she felt my body’s heat
I mashed our breasts together
So that our nipples could joyously meet.

We pressed our sexes so they were concealed
Our juices mixed from bliss
I could not resist, my fate had been sealed
I needed to taste her kiss.

My lips descending and our tongues intertwined
In orgasm, our loves we did consummate
I awoke with pleasure, for what I just left behind
For I just made love to the Mistress of Fate.
ReneeT · 61-69, M
You drew an amazing picture with words. Just what good poetry does.
JayneA · 36-40, F
@ReneeT Thank you for your kind words. It is the joy of people reading them that makes it worthwhile
ReneeT · 61-69, M
@JayneA That is the same way I feel Jayne. When I get any comments on mine it makes it worthwhile for me

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