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His life in foster

His life

He was a child who loved
In spite of all
Because he had nothing else
No one else
This was his life
All the life he had
And this person
This awful person was to be his life
Yes, pain
Awful pain
Integral to life, this pain
Integral to life, these feelings
These endless feelings
Until, finally, he could feel no more
Would feel no more
He would survive
Because he had no way of not surviving
No way to simply die
This was the world
His world
God had somehow laid it down
For just a moment, so He thought,
And forgotten where He'd left it.
MyMonstersAreReal Best Comment
oh Kodi,
major hugs honey. I am so sorry for your pain and hurt. xx
kodiac · 22-25, M
@MyMonstersAreReal Thanks my friend, for your kind response, my stuff doesn't get many responses
@kodiac i understand, especially the dark heavy stuff and i don't understand why, just know i love reading anything you write and im always here to listen. xx

You’ve grown into someone who would have protected you as a child. And that is the most powerful move you made.
kodiac · 22-25, M
@MyMonstersAreReal I think that's the best outcome from abuse .To become the person i prayed would save me but never came .I can't go back in time to save little me ,but i can go back in my mind and save him .Thank you my friend.
You have such a kind heart, Kodi. You care so much about others. And you help those who have suffered traumas too. You are courageous and loving. Quite a young man. Have a peaceful day in this chaotic world.

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