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You know yer old when you've got to walk into the supermarket with your reading glasses on instead of your sunnies

Help me somebody 馃
You know you鈥檙e old and need glasses when you walk into the supermarket, head to the customer service department, take a seat, pull off your underpants and throw your legs up on the counter because you think it鈥檚 the gynecologist鈥檚 office.
Starting to sound like urban legends 馃
@OlderSometimesWiser ok you win 馃槅
I need eyeglasses but learned to compensate during Covid.
Can鈥檛 wear masks and glasses at the same time!
@Pfuzylogic most annoying..or is that moist 馃槂
I prefer my baked goods moist! 馃
Bumbles51-55, M
I feel your pain.
@Bumbles 馃檹
Bumbles51-55, M
@metaldog Sometime I don鈥檛 even take them off. 馃檴
@Bumbles I only need them for reading god I hope it stays that way 馃槶
DanielsASJ36-40, M
I don't know how to help
robertsnj56-60, M
right there with you !
pancakeslam41-45, M
you know you're old when you mistake the grape soda for prune juice
@pancakeslam ooh a painful mistake 馃ゴ
pancakeslam41-45, M
@metaldog yes. it is. 馃槵

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