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I Have Ulcerative Colitis

The category for this is "Dating and Relationships" ... Trust me, this disease has NOTHING to do with dating or relationships ...
Pfuzylogic · M
Ulcerative Colitis is no joke.
It can cripple proper digestion and very similar to Crohn's disease.
Goldenrainbow · 31-35, F
@Pherick: sorry you didn't tell me that you're in that situation... i thought you're getting better but here you are saying the medicines youve taken are nkt effective😯😦
Pfuzylogic · M
@Pherick: Sorry to hear about your serious health condition. I had only the lightest type of it.
I just had blood loss through stool which I am sure you are familiar with.
Goldenrainbow · 31-35, F
So it's serious really:(
Pherick · 41-45, M
I do still have my gall bladder .. No one has ever mentioned taking it out ...
Mcasey2017 · 46-50, F
I have this also.. it's no joke..i feel for you
Pherick · 41-45, M
@Mcasey2017: Always nice to meet a fellow UC'er!
sissychloe · 26-30, M
[b][c=#800055]idk that does look kinda sexy 🙈 (not really)[/c][/b]
VioletShadows · 51-55, F
Well.........maybe how to TEST them! I'm so sorry you have this! I hope you find some relief.
Pherick · 41-45, M
@VioletShadows: Ohhh Yes, It certainly does tax friendships and relationships. I see what you are saying now :)
VioletShadows · 51-55, F
I'm sorry if it came across any other way. (hugs)
Pherick · 41-45, M
@VioletShadows: No worries, Its the Internet, if we didn't misunderstand each other, what would we do with all our free time???
I'm sure you are able to get this disease under control..stay strong ❤️
Eir089 · F
How are the symptoms for this?
Pherick · 41-45, M
If you really want to know, I will PM you, they aren't pleasant nor fun for everyone to read.
Do you still have your gall bladder?
Goldenrainbow · 31-35, F
Its the first time heard of that.
I apologize.

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