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I Want To Be Toothless

I have been over half my life.
Mathewmingo · 31-35, M
I hope you write back. I to share the same wish and want to be rid of teeth. If people can get breast implants, piercing , tattooing etc……why can’t we have our teeth pulled? The above mentioned. body modifications serve no medical purpose as well, just for appearance and enjoyment.

My cousin had the most delightful thing happen, she took the plunge at 19 and had her teeth removed. In Acadian (French speaking Canada) culture it is still very conmen for brides to be getting a full mouth extraction before marriage.
My cousins teeth were healthy and straight, and even thou there were no cavity’s she opted to get them all pulled before getting married. After three months her gums had healed perfidy to be smooth. But then she supprrised us by announcing she had decided to forego dentures and simply live toothless from now on.
Toothless · 22-25, M
@Mathewmingo i dont have a single cavity im a 18 year old male and i want to have no teeth. I enjoy the thought of being toothless.
Mathewmingo · 31-35, M
I love it when people finally break free-of whatever it is that they suppress there PERSONAL choice To be (with some VERY CLEAR no-no zones.) I also share the same desire and have learned a bit of a secret that I have heard time and time again. This will put things into perspective- How do you hide something in plain sight? Make those who find the truth look “like some crazy whack-jobs.”
EVERYONE I have met without teeth (bare gums full-time) has said basically this: dentist offices want money. They DONT care where it comes from (insurance company’s, LIFE SAVINGS…..)
I have been told that ANYONE who fantasize about living bare-gummed for life should DO IT. Medical idiots won’t share this since the truth would end them. So much negativity and BULLSHIT about being happily toothless. You won’t regret it.
Dentists sometimes even SABOTAGE your teeth to make REPEATED visits are a SURE THING.
If people can willingly undergo COSMETIC CHANGES to there body’s with LITTLE to NO medical benefit such as: Breast Implants, Pearcings, Tattoos, Circumcision, Penis enlargement, Branding, Permanent Makeup……Then why won’t medical professionals do what is TRULY a legit lay PERSONAL choice. The answer-money.
@Mathewmingo I can totally see why your cousin decided to skip dentures. I actually wouldn't mind being toothless but I don't know about wearing dentures every single day since they can be pretty uncomfortable. I guess i could wear them only in public and be toothless the rest of the time
Toothless · 22-25, M
I want to be toothless. My teeth are fine, i just dont wanr them and would rather be without teeth. It makes me happy and aroused to think about. Where would i get it done? Please it stresses me out, being toothless would be my dream.
Toothless · 22-25, M
@Corsair no i dont want dentures only gum. My job is to serve my boyfriend. It makes me happy to be toothless. Its easy for him when i suck. I dont want teeth. I dont enjoy them. For years now. Its a bdsm fetish too. Who can pull them out. And what is a way to have teeth fall out and die quickly??
@Mathewmingo That actually happened to me. Dentist drilled a few teeth that were totally fine. Some teeth have fillings that keep coming out and every few months i used to go back and have them filled but not anymore. At this point I'd be better off without them. It's a lot of upkeep and it's so expensive. I'd rather have all of them pulled and just wear dentures. I don't think there's anything wrong with being toothless so it really wouldn't bother me, even tho I'm still young
denturelover001 · 18-21, M
@Toothless SAME! I have wanted dentures since I was in middle school. The thought of being completely toothless excites me. What is holding me back right now is that I am currently dependent on my parents and I really don't want them to know about it. Also, thinking about the future and preserving bone, I will wait and eventually get mini implants for the bottoms.
Toothless · 22-25, M
@Mathewmingo i want my teeth pulled. Im 23 and have all healthy teeth. Where do i go. I want them gone. Makes me happy to think about
Bandit1980ta · 51-55, M
Nope I’m straight, but I do like getting gummy head, and I do like giving women oral too.
Do you like to gum the head?
Dem0n · 31-35, F
@thedarkside 🤣🤣

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