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I Am Toothless

I had all my teeth pulled ten years ago, preferring dentures over regular dental care. It is great, more than I ever could imagine. I prefer my dentures over real teeth, but they are only a weak second to being toothless. Something I never imagined would happen, but has grown on me.

Over the years my gums have receeded and so it takes more effort to control the dentures. And because of this there are surely many giveaways that I wear them, but I get away with it. Controlling is part of the game. I don’t mind.

But now I often regret having to wear them. Occasionally I leave them out. I quite like my gummy looks, but I fear getting judged over it. So far it has been a secret I only shared with my wife and kids at home.

The idea of no longer putting my teeth in at home at all has been growing on me for quite some time. Inevitably people visiting will see me without. It still scares the hell out of me, but in a way I'm also eager to find out. There will be no way back, and perhaps a first step in a longer journey.

I never regretted getting dentures. And if you are thinking about it, understand that ultimately it is not about replacing teeth, it is about not having them. If you fear the idea, don’t do it. For me it worked out very well. I’m happy with my dentures and even much happier without.
Lethdale · 61-69, M
I have had a dentures fetish for years and fantasise how it feel to wear full dentures as a gummy man
Musclebuzx · 56-60, M
@Lethdale go for it! I am!
Ocean15 · 51-55, M
I had all my lowers out last year because of gum disease. The uppers are now mostly loose so I am having them all out next week. I can’t wait! Thing is I have been wearing a lower denture and I don’t like it. I prefer not to wear it. I don’t reslly want to get an upper denture as I would rather just be toothless from now on. Just not sure i have the confidence. Any advice appreciated.
Bandit1980ta · 51-55, M
@ed3342 I was the same way and decided to just go without when I realized how much it bothered me. Long story short I had to because I lost my dentures. I have since found the top plate bottom I’m sure gone forever. Either way I’m 8-9 months since first loosing them (the dentures 27years on the teeth). I’ve went totally toothless since. Well I had a couple days I tried wearing the top but felt like I was cheating myself and none since.

If nothing else I say you be you. There’s nothing like taking ownership of yourself.
Corsair · 80-89, M
@Bandit1980ta I wear my dentures most of the time, but I like to go without them, especially when I'm home by myself. I go out on errands without them, and it doesn't bother me to have other people see me that way. I can talk very well without teeth, and I often have them out when I'm on the phone. Now that we are wearing masks to protect others, nobody can tell that I don't have teeth. I know a young woman who has dentures and likes to leave them out sometimes. She says that it's liberating, which is another way of taking ownership of oneself.

I have had dentures for over 20 years. I had my teeth pulled , because the enamel was bad, due to reflux/acid action and because of constant clenching and grinding. Some of the teeth were loosened for that reason. By the time that I had them pulled, I was in constant pain. I still clench and grind, so it makes my gums sore. I leave the dentures out at night and for short "gummy breaks" during the day. My wife prefers that I wear them, so I do. However, I really respect those who take ownership of themselves and just go toothless,especially when they can speak well and eat well. You are to be commended!
Corsair · 80-89, M
@Ocean15 Have you had your upper teeth pulled since the post in November of 2018? if so, how are you doing? did you get an immediate denture, and if so, do you wear it? Do you often just go gummy?
Does this do something for you?
ed3342 · 56-60, M
@KayraJordyn For sure it interferes. But you can always cut food into smaller pieces. If you do so and get used to gumming food it can be quite enjoyable.

I agree with the Amish that there are practical benefits of being toothless. It's not a bad option when you accept the consequences.
Bandit1980ta · 51-55, M
@ed3342 I have lived over half my life with dentures, and fairly recently decided I didn’t like other people having this kind of control over me. So I’m now about 8-9 months going totally without teeth or dentures. I even went to a job interview and several dates without any teeth. Although I still have moments of anxiety in certain situations, I’m honestly not sure if I’ll go back to wearing dentures. I still eat almost anything I want. Excerpt nuts. Well I can eat pecans without teeth. Heck I can even crush ice with my gums. @ed3342 As karyajordyn said it can be very enjoyable eating without them. Other things also. Ohh and taking x without teeth is amazing.
Lethdale · 61-69, M
@ed3342 Isn't that part of the attraction....the constant reminder of limitations....and the permanency?

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