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Is it considered normal for males to paint their nails any color?

Dewkissedrose46-50, F
I am part of a huge community of people who do their nails. One gentleman I have become good friends with does his nails on a regular basis. He is in his 50s, straight and married. He had started doing it a couple of years ago and really just enjoys it. He even had a mani go fairly viral on Reddit.

It鈥檚 fun and harmless, and I see no need to limit nail polish to only women. 馃槉
nedkelly61-69, M
Only if you are from the woke generation
whats normal these days
XDHyperGirlXD131-35, F
i usually have to wait til they fall asleep or tied my guy friends to chairs in order to paint their nails 馃槼
I never do that. I hammer them in just like they come out of the box.
No but it wouldn't bother me unless he would have those long fake nails that always make me wonder how do their owners wipe. 馃槓
Tamina22-25, F
I see black more often than anything else on males. I wouldn't find it strange if they had different colors personally.
Valerian100+, M
Oh! 馃 Hmmm, not even a clear coat!
My answer is shear vanity or they were
pussied into it by a girlfriend or boyfriend.
Yes. Weird only if they then try to eat the nails with the paint. But painting it鈥檚 totally normy.
Insightful198141-45, M
I dont paint mine.. But should I?? 馃馃え
Valerian100+, M
@Insightful1981 no

To me there's only one obvious reason to do so, and that's for you to figure why that is.
idk but it is okay if they do
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