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I Like to Take Pictures

[b][c=#000000] Good morning and happy Friday everyone, try and make the most of your day and may it be a beautiful one if possible.

I took a pic of the beautiful morning sky yesterday, one of my cactus which decided to bloom again, Gizmo showing off in the sunlight and my dog Sammy D happy to go for his evening walk.[/c][/b]

Synyster51-55, M
Happy Friday darling, I think I've said this to you twice this morning. 馃き
Sammy D is so adorable, and that cute Gizmo's living the dream and keeping warm. Great pics as usual ma ch猫re.
@Synyster Thanks so much, I remember seeing clips from that movie, he looks so adorable in it..馃挅

Hopefully you enjoy it as well, that sunshine is absolutely glorious.

Yes it does and I'm very appreciative of it..

Chat later
Synyster51-55, M
@sensualbeauty1 I had an excellent walk on the golf course and had a great workout as well. I hope you enjoyed your walk and your delicious Lasagne.

Me too darling, very appreciative of it all.

A plus tard,

@Synyster I'm glad you had a wonderful afternoon, the weather was so beautiful. Dinner was delicious thank you and Sammy D enjoyed his walk.

Have an amazing evening sweet man.

SweetMae61-69, F
Very nice photos! Happy Friday my friend! 馃馃尯馃挄
@SweetMae Awww that's wonderful that you were able to take her. I'm sure she is really happy with you my friend. 馃馃挀
SweetMae61-69, F
@sensualbeauty1 馃馃挄
@SweetMae Never change, the world needs people like you my wonderful friend. 馃挀馃拫馃
Hey girl! It's getting closer and closer to "pool time" 馃憤锔 鈽猴笍
@booboo Hey boo-boo, great to hear from you. Yes it's getting closer and closer..Let's hope we all can enjoy our pools this Summer.
Stay well and safe my friend. 馃馃拫
Interesting pictures rural scenes
@JimboSaturn That's the way I feel as well, we are truly blessed. I was watching the news last night thinking about those poor people cooped up in apartments or huge cities that are overcrowded and cannot get outside and walk. We at least can get out and move around usually without meeting anyone.
JimboSaturn51-55, M
Yes and I don't take that for granted one minute!@sensualbeauty1
@JimboSaturn No don't ever, I don't either. I have so much to be grateful for and for that I'm humbled.
Oneofthestormboys51-55, M
Is your dog a Border Collie?
@Oneofthestormboys Thanks so much, he misses his little gf a beautiful Aussie Shepherd. She died of Lyme's disease 2 years ago, terrible thing. My cat is a rescue like Sammy D and very spoiled as well. Have a wonderful day! 馃槉
Oneofthestormboys51-55, M
@sensualbeauty1 One of my cats is a rescue too. His name鈥檚 Claude. He鈥檚 normally very fluffy, but had to get him clipped recently as he was shedding his winter coat and it got really matted.
@Oneofthestormboys He looks beautiful, that's the trouble with long haired cars they get matted easily, need a lot of grooming. I've got 3 other cats that are rescues as well. It's wonderful to be able to give them love and a safe haven. 馃挀
NCCindy31-35, F
Thank you so much @sensualbeauty1 for sharing some of the beauty in your world with us this morning !!!
@NCCindy You're welcome and thanks so much, appreciated. Hope you're doing well and staying safe. 馃
NCCindy31-35, F
@sensualbeauty1 Doing quite well ... working from home ... and doing my best to spread love and kindness among some close family members I've been spending time with.
@NCCindy That's great my friend, that's what a lot of us are trying to do these days at home isolated. Stay well and safe, you and your family.
GJOFJ361-69, M
Beautiful photos to brighten our cloudy day.
Beautiful wishes to you my beautiful friend!
@GJOFJ3 Good morning sunshine, thanks so much my dear friend. I hope that everything is going well for you and your family and everyone is OK. Happy Friday, let's make the most of it even though the skies are grey..馃馃挏馃拫
JoePourMan61-69, M
Excellent photographs.
Sammy and Gizmo look like quite the characters
@JoePourMan Thanks again, yes they are definitely characters but great company.
Happy Friday my lovely friend
@Jlhzfromep Good morning J, great to hear from you. Hope you're hanging in there OK. Happy Friday to you my friend.馃馃拫
@sensualbeauty1 馃馃槡
@Jlhzfromep 馃馃拫
JimboSaturn51-55, M
Happy Friday, love all your creatures.
@JimboSaturn Good morning, nice to hear from you. Hope you're doing OK. Thank you, I love them all as well, don't know what I'd do without my fur babies.
kwood161-69, M
Great pictures thank you
@kwood1 Thanks so much, appreciated.
Zonuss41-45, M
Happy Friday to you. 馃檪
@Zonuss Good morning my friend, happy Friday..馃
James195661-69, M
Good morning
@James1956 Good morning to you.

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