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I Want To Shoot A Photo A Day

About a month ago, I started keeping spiders as pets (despite the fact that I am scared of them) because I wanted to make them the subject of my photography. It was a real challenge because I had to let them out and feed them one by one regularly. Throughout the process, I have learned a lot of things just by observing them and taking care of them. One of the things that I have learned that fascinated me the most is the way they lay eggs. I took in a total of 22 spiders and 5-6 of them laid eggs while they were im my care. At first I thought it was only one egg wrapped in thick spider web but to my surprise, it wasn't. It was actually hundreds or maybe even thousands of eggs clumped into one big ball. I only learned about it when I tried taking a macro shot of the egg. I did my research on how to take care of spiders even before I started but I was not prepared to see them laying eggs. It was actually a terrifying thought specially because I would not know what to do with them if those egg hatches. Well, I ended up letting all of them go right after the shoot and made sure to place those eggs in the same tree as their parents.

This is the photo of the egg that I was able to take.

They are rather fascinating creatures though I would never raise them. I like the way they move, how they capture prey, and how they spin webs. I have a rule that any spiders in my home come winter may stay until it is warm enough to shush them outdoors. Are you becoming less afraid of them now? Do you have any Tarantulas?
@PoetryNEmotion I am less afraid, yes, but I still couldn't touch them without hesitation. And no, I dont think I can handle Tarantulas.. at least not yet.
@zoiera Bravo for you on confronting your fear of spiders!
@PoetryNEmotion ah I guess it's because my fascination is way greater than my fear.. and thank you :)
xixgun · M
My father in law is an entomologist and biologist 👨‍🔬
muffinman · 61-69, M
that there would be one gastronomic meal of caviar for some lizard.
@muffinman 😔😔😔
gregloa · 61-69, M
Step on that thing! 😦
@gregloa no.. they are mostly harmless.. but they are still scary lol.

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