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馃槩 Why are some people so mean?

Had to take one of my cats to the vet, she was not doing so well.. turns out she had gotten shot before we got her and the pellets were causing problems cause she is 15 years old. We got her in 2007ish, and had no idea. She liked to roam though back then so it may have been a dumbass neighbor 馃槫
That happened to one of my cats many years ago. My downstairs neighbor shot her one evening. I found her dead and took her to the vet to see why she had died. He did a necropsy on her, and told me she had been shot.
@PhoenixPhail That's so sad. Where we lived their was a asshole who loved his garden so much he would shoot cats, and poison rabbits that came into his yard. We suspect he did it but have no proof.
@Snowvixen It made me so angry. The world is full of crazy people. I hope your cat is going to be okay. 馃挆
@PhoenixPhail Some people are sick beyond words. I once had a Chihuahua, little fellow who couldn鈥檛 hurt anyone. We鈥檇 let him run around in our enclosed backyard during the day, and bring him inside in the evening. Someone poisoned him, apparently with a meatball they tossed over the fence. Whoever it was did this to a few pet dogs in the neighborhood. It happened while I was at school. 馃槥
Was the vet able to remove the pellets ? She must鈥檝e been in some pain or at least discomfort for awhile. Did you take her to the vet when you first adopted her ?
@Snowvixen Poor thing. 馃樋
@bijouxbroussard yeah they are in her hind quarters, 4 of em. 馃槩 we are hoping this virus stuff gets resolved sooner rather than later so we can get those things removed.
TheDevilYouNeed56-60, M
@Snowvixen My heart goes out to you.
curiosi61-69, F
I don't know, very glad she found you.
Piper61-69, F
I do not know the why of that. I just know that there is something terribly [i]wrong[/i] with anyone who would intentionally do it.
[quote]Why are some people so mean?[/quote]

Seems to be a growing trend and habit in the US with no decline in sight.
My friends husband threw one and hung it on a power line. He is a stupid f*cker though with anger issues.
@bijouxbroussard And being on coke and narcotics hasn't help him. But my friend is very motherly and kind. She loves very unconditionally.
@canusernamebemyusername And that鈥檚 love and kindness some [b]decent[/b] man is missing out on...smh. 馃槖
@bijouxbroussard Yeah. I would have dated her. She is so caring. Even if we didn't have nothing in common. Lol
TheDevilYouNeed56-60, M
I do not know. I could not ever imagine being so cruel to an animal.
Could it have been a stray bullet?
@quitwhendone it was 4 pellets in the hind I doubt it.
@Snowvixen Yeah, that doesn't sound like an accident.
Is she going to be okay?! 馃ズ Poor kitty.

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