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I love my cats!!馃

A gopher was eating my carrots. He had hidden his hole extremely well, and was taking care not to eat anything covering his hole or path, in an attempt to avoid detection by the cats.
I cleared the vegetation a little, called one of the cats over to get a smell, and the next morning the gopher was no more...馃樇馃樈馃樇馃樈馃樇
strongbow46-50, M
Cats are awesome!... our cats use to keep our garden clear of all mice and rodents when i was growing up, they would always bring them up to our doorstep after the kill 馃樇 lol
greenmountaingal70-79, F
@strongbow When your kitty cat brings you its dead prey, you know that cat loves you.
curiosi61-69, F
For some reason my neighbor's cat liked me and used to catch mice and leave "presents" for me. When he passed I had a mouse problem. Cat's are great!
cherokeepatti61-69, F
I had a cat who would dig and get his whole arm into the tunnel to catch gophers and moles. I tried drowning them out one time with a new garden hose, let the water run about 5 minutes, came back to find the metal end of the hose chewed off.
JimminyChristmas51-55, M
@BizSuitStacy Gophers are scary mean!!馃ぃ
ravenwind4346-50, F
LOL!!! I used to have a couple outdoor cats that were master gopher hunters. They would dig the hole and wait patiently. Sometimes they shared the gifts 馃槼
Miram31-35, F
Miram31-35, F
@JimminyChristmas No, it is your profile.

I meant catch it and release it in the wild.
JimminyChristmas51-55, M
@Miram Release a gopher? No. You ever tried to pick up a gopher?馃槅
Gophers are scary mean!!馃槻
Miram31-35, F
@JimminyChristmas It is best not to pick up wild animals even if you could. Buy a live trap.

I read somewhere that some gopher species in the US are endangered animals and it can be even illegal to kill them.

But I also read that capturing them alive and letting them go in someone else's property can be illegal as well

I think gophers are pretty cute and adorable 馃槥 RIP gopher.

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