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I Love My Cat, My Furry Baby [Cats]

My family cat has his own running water. He lies around all day and does whatever the Hell he wants almost his entire life. But when I pick him up for three minutes to brush his fur, he acts like I'm skinning him alive. 馃檮
Piper61-69, F
Perhaps you're not approaching the brushing thing quite right. Then again, maybe he just really doesn't like being brushed.
Piper61-69, F
@BlueVeins Cats are certainly individuals, and not all of them really enjoy being brushed...for sure. My remaining cat quite likes it when I do, but I doubt she would if I just picked her up and started doing it.
@Piper Yeah, our other cat really likes it if you're chill 'bout it.
Piper61-69, F
@BlueVeins My dogs acts like I'm going to kill her, if I try to trim one nail. She was like that even when her favorite person ever, my dad, tried to. Elsa the cat is far more tolerant of that.
Peapod61-69, F
I too have a cat like that. And of course any cat that belongs to me is spoiled rotten. One will let me trim her nails and all. Another is like your cat where he has no tolerance to brushing or claw trimming.

I guess they all have different sensitivities like we do.
My kitty is spoiled too, he drinks running water from the sink to but he loves being brushed.. but i do it while he's laying on the floor..馃樅
@SW-User My one cat likes the brush. It's soooo cute to watch him sit down for it like he's getting a massage.

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