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Spell for the day...

(for me, anyway!)

I found someone trying to break into my my drive way, and I live 3 mile outside of any town, so, it reminded me that it is time to do some protection spells around my home and property.

So, I will be preforming 'protection spell(s)'

This first one works with large places, I have 3 acres to protect.

1. buy a big bag of cornmeal, open it up and say your protection charm over it as you are pouring it into a bowl. "May those that wish me harm, be blocked with this protection charm" I swirl it around with my hands, reciting the above and including my special prayer. I will share my particular prayer if you want, in private.

2. Take the 'charmed' corn meal, and sift it out in a line around your property, and using a cedar 'stick', do the incantation (prayer) while making the infinity sign on the 4 corners around your property. Starting the east.

3. Finish up by thanking the 'helpers' Blessed Be then washing your hands in some moon water.
Ontheroad · M
Okay, but I'd also invest in a few cameras and at least driveway motion alarms.
Workerbee · 31-35, M
Stay safe out there

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