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Are we alone in the universe?

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Yes, I believe we are unique and alone in the universe
I believe another race of beings exist, but probably won't ever see proof of it
I'm not really sure how I feel about it
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Or do you think extremely far away, there could be a race of beings existing as we do right now?

I haven't seen any evidence that another intelligent being exists. Sure, we've heard stories about "alien abductions", I've never seen any proof of it. A guy I used to work with told me a story where he went to bed one night, and woke up the next day with this 3" long scar, that he showed me, on his arm, no idea how he got it. He thinks he was abducted, his arm removed and put back on.
The universe is so large that it is highly probable that there are countless other G2 type suns with planets in orbit which have the ideal conditions for life to evolve. Hence, it's almost inevitable that they are many planets with life on them. However, there is none within 4 light years of Earth. The ability to travel space at the speed of light is currently beyond the reach of our science, therefore we are unlikely to ever meet of discover these aliens.

It is unlikely that other life forms would be like our own. All would be at different stages of evolution - anything from single-celled organisms to self-aware beings with complex civilisations and technologies.
Life forms could be based on either carbon or silicon, because both are common elements which readily combine into multitudes of complex molecules capable of producing the equivalents of RNA and DNA.

There is some probability that the most intelligent life forms would always evolve towards destruction of their planetary ecologies. They would self destruct before they could evolve the technology to reach our planet. We need not worry about aliens.

This might seem illogical on the surface, but not if one thinks about what is necessary to cause intelligence to evolve. Being an omnivore means having to evolve the intelligence and lack of empathy that enables a hunter to kill prey that does not wish to be caught and has plenty of defenses.
Thus, there is darkness built into human instincts - and in order to survive as social beings we have to learn how to contain, control and constructively channel those drives. Our fallibility means that as a species we are constantly troubled by greed, anger and ignorance - and the result is pollution, war, famine, climate change and destruction of the ecosystems we need in order to survive.
If we are this stupid, then very probably so are other "intelligent" species.
Holidaze · 18-21, F
Probability estimates four intelligent species at our level of advancement in our galaxy. There are 125 billion observable galaxies in our specific universe and an infinite number of universes in the cosmos. It's absolutely certain that we're not alone and the only possibility for interaction is two planets within the same solar system evolving at the same rate.
No there are microscopic life forms on mars, similar to the simple uni celled organisms found on earth the 'amoeba'.

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