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Are plants not the stars of the Earth?

Plants meditate all the time. Because they simply give up on themselves and accept the sun's rays and raindrops. Contemplate the rainbow. I feel the joy of the wind and the feelings that the Earth sends. - Arjun Das
Plants are part of the Plantae Kingdom. The kingdoms, in turn, were divided into smaller and smaller units as: branch, Class, Order, family, genus, species. In addition to these, in some cases, intermediate systematic units, such as sub-branch, superclass, etc.the name of plant species, like the name of other species of organisms, is made using binary nomenclature.
Mainly plants are divided into two broad categories – simple plants without flowers, and flowering plants.
Plants without flowers
The simplest plants without flowers are algae. Almost all species of algae live in water, but there are also a few that can survive in damp places, for example, the pleurococcus alga, which grows like a greenish powder on the shady trunks of trees. Most of the plants that live in the waters of the seas and oceans are algae, as are some of those in fresh waters, such as Frog silk. Algae do not have true roots, stem and leaves, although they may have segments that resemble stems and leaves. They absorb water and mineral salts through the entire surface of the body.
Some plants reproduce by spores-very small, dust-like grains, from which new plants develop. Conifers, also called gymnosperms, reproduce by seeds. They form inside hard structures, formed by scales, called cones. Firs, spruces, pines, Larches and cypresses are conifers.
All coniferous species are trees or shrubs. Most of them have long narrow leaves (needles) that do not fall off in autumn.
Flowering plants
Flowering plants are known as angiosperms. Flowers are parts of the plant specialized for reproduction. They produce seeds, which, when hit under favorable conditions, sprout and form a new plant. Flowering plants are the dominant group of plants everywhere on Earth, except for algae in the seas and oceans and coniferous forests in cold areas of the globe. Among the flowering plants are all species of grasses, Reed, rushes, garden flowers and wildflowers, along with most trees and shrubs (except conifers). There are 260,000 different species of flowering plants, compared to 550 species of conifers, 11,000 Ferns, 23,000 mosses and about 12,000 species of algae.
Tuberoses are flowers with impressive beauty and fragrance, which makes them one of the most popular decorative flowers in the world. In addition, these flowers are also known for their beneficial properties for health.
Tuberoses are a rich source of important nutrients for health. They contain a multitude of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which help maintain and improve our health. Among the benefits of eating tuberose are: improving digestion, reducing inflammation, regulating blood sugar levels, strengthening the immune system and reducing the risk of heart disease. Also, tuberoses are a good source of fiber, which makes them beneficial for maintaining the health of the intestinal tract.
In conclusion, regular consumption of tuberose can bring numerous benefits to our health and can be successfully included in our daily diet.
Gene expression is the process in which a plant's DNA code is translated into instructions for biological processes such as growth. Our plants, including tuberoses kept in an environment without sunlight, responded to sound waves. At 125Hz and 250Hz sounds rbcS and Ald genes are created, which are known for responding to light, while more active sound waves at 50Hz made these genes less active.
So wherever we are our flowers are a friend that we can visit at any time. Thank you we are grateful/grateful and we apologize! Even the smallest and smallest plants can have some of the strongest roots.
...how does one conclude that plants "meditate"?

@SomeMichGuy I don't know, but I've sometimes had that impression myself.
@robingoodfellow I can understand plants putting a person in a thoughtful state...
@SomeMichGuy yes definitely

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