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I Love Whales

Just learned about an incident in our bay this afternoon about a whale hitting one of our fishing boats, throwing 7 people into the water. One of the women in the boat was thrown into the windshield, breaking the glass with her head. The same whale then capsized another boat near by, from which he lost all his fishing gear. The Coast Guard towed the two boats back into the harbor, the one boat still upside down.

There is a grassy park area just above the beach at the harbor where dive instructors take their students to do their first open water dives. On weekends that place is full, as they come from the San Francisco, San Jose areas. The divers were all instructed to clear the area, for a helicopter to land, which was called off and never came, but still.

Still unsure of the people who ended up in the water, what their conditions are. I don't remember this ever happening in the bay. At least in the last 30 years anyway.

Virgo79 · 61-69, M
Peaches · F
WOW! 😟💦🐳Those poor people, especially the lady that hit the windshield. I see this is an older story and wondered if there was a follow up? Sure hope they are all okay.

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