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What is your funniest nudism story?

SandyBottom · 61-69, M
My wife and I were on the nude beach at Sandy Hook NJ. We were talking with the couple on the blanket next to ours when one of them suggested a walk down the beach. It sounded like a great idea so we got up and walked south along the shoreline.

We were talking and laughing as we walked along and never noticed how far we traveled. All of a sudden a life guard ran up to us and told us we were wayyy past the boundary of the clothes optional beach. We apologized and he told us to turn around and head back the way we came.

The weird thing is I remember seeing groups of textiles on their blankets as we walked along, but nobody told us we had walked too far. In fact a few waved to us as we walked back and asked how far we got before we found out we went too far.

I guess it's a common thing for us nuddies to wander off reservation but most people there couldn't care less.

Eventually we got back to the sign indicating the c/o beach. I really don't know how we could have missed the sign on our outbound walk, but it must have been the conversation. We all had a good laugh over it in teh end.
jmiller3785 · 36-40, F
Have tried to introduce friends to the lifestyle and go with me and enjoy the lifestyle and it's funny to see their reactions or watching them get comfortable at first
Jakefromnj · 41-45, M
@jmiller3785 I’ve also tried to get friends into it. I’ve only got one to come to the nude beach lol everyone’s too scared lol
ArishMell · 70-79, M
Not funny but odd, perhaps rather sad, really.

I used to visit an unofficlally clothes-optional beach not too far from home, and one late-afternoon there fell into conversation with a man on a grassy terrace just above and past the main part of the beach.

Both nude, we lolled on our towels a few feet apart, we did not touch each other, our conversation was all non-sexual. Then we heard a voice, male, just one.

Looking round an adjacent bush, we saw a young man standing a few yards from us, waffling away into his 'phone. We could hear him clearly, apparently complaining about a work colleague.

We thought him a voyeur pretending not to have seen us, as he stood there for a good quarter of an hour, his towel carefully wrapped round him like a sarong. Eventually he ended the call, and without any acknowledgement to us, stepped back down to the beach and continued further along it.

He returned past us shortly afterwards, probably from where the beach becomes obstructed by boulders fallen from the cliff, but did not look at us, just disappeared into the distance.

My companion and I looked at each other. "What was that all about?" "No idea".

We agreed he'd probably been hoping to see us up to no good, even be invited to join the fun - oh how disappointing for him!
Massageman · 70-79, M
Not really funny, but a fellow therapist and I did an out-call at a monthly meeting of a Naturist's Club many years ago. People must have been freaking rich: we set-up ten massage tables (which they rented) in their foyer! I demo'd on the host's wife and my partner did foot reflexology, her specialty. Room was hotter than heck. Then we just circulated around, talked, gave hints and tried not to stare too much. ;- )
Jakefromnj · 41-45, M
I was at the nude beach that I frequent a lot and forgot to put on sunscreen. I got bad sunburn in a place you never want it lol. I couldn’t touch it for almost a week.
nuddie · 61-69, M
I don't have anything funny to mention, just the pleasure of being nude
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Paul82 · 41-45, M
Been to a couple of nude comedy shows, they were kinda funny!

I'm not sure I have many "funny" stories that are because of nudism, sure funny things happen all the time at the clubs and nights we have, but the humour has nothing to do with th nudity
JustJan · F
not our usual club but visiting an event on a working farm , My ex and anther guy throwing a frisbee the other guy put his hand on the wire fence and You guessed it a mild electric shock lol I am laughing now remembering it 😂

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