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That was a strange experience!

So the first night as a live art exhibit went rather well, we got some very nice comments all evening and even round of applause at the end which I wasn't expecting.

For those who didn't read my earlier post, my wife and I were booked by an artist to be live nude models for an interactive art piece in which members of the public were invited to create art on our naked bodies. This could be through any medium they wanted, there were a series of pens, paints, and other materials available, also various textiles too. We had no idea how it was going to go, we were both pretty scared as it approached, but ultimately, it was a lot of fun.

Some highlights (on my body);
- at one point a game of tictactoe ensued on my torso, from a very competitive couple, this turned into a winner stays on but ultimately got pretty messy
- I was blindfolded by strips of silk and then touched in various parts of my anatomy with a very wet feeling piece of cloth, dabbing me in different places, it was a strange sensation to say the least
- Inevitably my penis got some attention, at first I had a series of people attempt to sign it, for those who have seen my pics you will know I'm not too big (and as it was a public space I'd been told to try my best to avoid an erection, which happily I somehow managed!) so there wasn't a lot of room. Eventually someone painted it completely, and someone else then took it up themself to add little dots (or stars as she put it), finally I had a very attractive lady make me a bow for it using a piece of ribbon, again as she did this all I could think was "dont get hard, dont get hard", thankfully I managed to stave it off!

Some highlights (on my wifes body);
- Her breasts, like my penis, inevitably got a lot of attention. And she seemed to enjoy the strokes of brushes and otehr items on her nipples, we had a wry smile to each other as people were doing this to her!
- One guy seemed obsessed with her feet, no doubt a foot enthusiast! but he spent a lot of time drawing on her feet and toes, and seemed to enjoy her reaction as he weaved the pen between her toes eliciting some jumpy giggles at the ticklish nature of it.
- A couple of women talked to her at length about her bravery and how beautiful she was, ultimately mopping her brow for her and providing a cup of water and straw so she could have a drink!

All in all a rather crazy experience, and another night to get through tonight!
Yeah, I don't think I would enjoy this kind of exhibition. I wouldn't be able to watch.

I'd just feel sorry for you, and the people drawing all over you for thinking it was fun.
BobTheArtModel · 61-69, M
I'm glad you had a good time. I'd have to think twice before doing any type of performance art like that.

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