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Good Lovecraft films or shows

Its very difficult to transfer lovecraftian atmosphere in a film or show. His words trigger imagination, that's difficult to do with pictures.

Do you know some films/shows where it was successful?

I think the spanish horror film (H.P. Lovecraft's) Dagon from 2001 managed it. It bases on Lovecraft's novel The Shadow over Innsmouth and transfers the story about the dreadful happenings in a small mysterious coastal city in the modern day Spain.

The Color Out of Space from 2019 with both great acting Nicolas Cage and Joely Richardson transports the same named Lovecraft story about a mysterious alien power with changes reality in a horrifying matter in the modern day but rural USA. Nevertheless well done!

Also 2 episodes of Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities show could catch that atmosphere:
Dreams in the Witch House with "Ron Weasley" Rupert Grint and Pickman's Model with the Narnia-Prince Ben Barnes.

All described works variied the original Lovecraft stories they're based on, but without destroying the dark atmosphere of the originals.

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