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Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas) on Tuesday became the first House Democrat to publicly call on Biden to remove himself from the ticket,

The Hill
Broache73 · 46-50, F Best Comment
What the United States Government wants to have is total control both Foreign and Domestic. What their Corporate paymasters want is Money. What they both want is Power. What neither of them care about is You...Its a Big Club and you aint in it!!!

It’s long been obvious, the World Economic Forum doesn’t actually stand for anything. They’re creepy, misguided, hypocritical Racists. The same cancerous hypocrisy pervades the Government and Corporate Media.

Thursday night’s Roll of the Dice Debacle Debate: proof that EVERYONE in the Corporate Media and in the Corporate Duopoly party covering for Biden’s mental feebleness over the past 4 years has been lying. They stand for absolutely NOTHING.

These same People who claim to be so concerned about “Democracy” are ready to disenfranchise their own Voters and install Gavin Newsom or Others as the new Stooge Candidate.

Newsom stands for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Newsom gave California’s version of the State of the State address in which he compared his Political opponents to literal Nazi Fascists, a common tactic; their ideas are horrendous failures that they cannot debate anything on the merits. They have no merit.

Inflation is up...
Crime is up...
The Debt is up...
Border Security is down..
Global Security is down, etc.

They cannot claim any success, their only ‘argument’ is to cancel and censor dissent, or label opponents Nazi Fascists, White Supremacists or Anti-Science Cave Men. It’s ironic is that Newsom actually seems to know that there are problems, and he’s demonstrated that he can fix them.

CASE IN POINT; When Chinese President Xi Jinping met Joe Biden in San Francisco last November, Gavin Newsom somehow found the ability and authority to clean the place up for a few days, there were no homeless people on the streets, and San Francisco was the safest big city in the world. As soon as Xi left, he let the streets go to crap again. Clearly he knows how to solve the problem. He’s choosing to not solve it... while simultaneously claiming to care so much about the Voters, Streets, and the Cities. Newsom stands for NOTHING.

Like most institutions of the Left, the only thing they stand for is that they should be in charge. The problems pile up. Illegal Immigrants overrun the Southern Border. Deficits and the National Debt surge. Inflation refuses to be tamed. Instability festers at home and abroad.

You’d have to be clinically insane at this point to actually think these Reprobates can and will fix ANYTHING. This is especially true when it comes to Economics, mostly because the people in charge have NO understanding of the Real World. Many have never in their lives participated in the Private Economy, never had a Real Job, or started a Real Business.

14 years after Obamacare, America has basement quality, more expensive Healthcare, with less Personal Choice and more Bureaucracy. Was it really worth the cost?!

The Corporate Duopoly never justify themselves with facts or successes. When Others criticize or disagree, they resort to censorship, cancellation, de-platforming... Calling someone an Anti-Science Racist Caveman misogynist Bigot. They stand for nothing but their own power and Money.

The American Public, Taxpayers, and Consumers are recognizing endless Runaway Spending, $2 Trillion Deficits led directly to elevated Inflation. Yet as individuals, we can mitigate Inflation by investing in Real Assets— many of which have major catalysts for growth.

The Plutocracy are intent on raising Taxes, new Wealth Taxes and higher Payroll Taxes, but at bare minimum, raising Taxes on the Middle Class by allowing the 2017 Tax Cuts to expire.

Social Security is insolvent. You can plan for your own Retirement AND cut your Taxes, with Tax-advantaged Retirement Accounts.They’re importing Crime. You can obtain a second Residency or passport in a Foreign country.

These Political Indentured Servants are unbelievably arrogant, and will continue doubling down on their utter failures.They want us to think that they’re the ones in control...

Individuals have tremendous power to protect themselves from their destructive hypocrisy. It takes education and the will to take action.

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