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Fraudulent UN .

China first captured southern area , which is now part of China .
Then it captured Tibet , with the help of British .
Then it captured parts of India , with the help of British .
Then it captured half of Tajikistan , with the help of Usa .
Now it is again capturing parts of other countries , being a permanent member of Security council .

I consider it a terrorist country , and they boast their membership in UN , besides Usa Britain France Russia .

If Usa was really a peaceful country , Bush may not had eaten shoe .
And they fund terrorism world wide .
Britain is mother of Usa .
French and Russia are same as well .

The human society is not democratic . These countries cry that they are democratic , but they thrive by terrorising others .

The way to remove a member of Security Council is that the member himself should wish to be removed .

Is that really a reasonable law ?
Neoerectus · M
Nope. A limited security Council with that much power needs more members. Removal should be a 3/4 vote.
Max41 · 26-30, M
@Neoerectus There should be vote , not this power that a member can only be removed if it wishes it .

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