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Unfortunately, I Agree With This Assessment

This has weighed on my soul for years now. And a couple of you here on SW have already discussed this with me. If you understand who is in control, and their endgame objective, then you realize it's almost inevitable.

Carla · 61-69, F
@BizSuitStacy im not falling into that trap.
As much as you think enough military members would reject their oaths, you are mistaken.
You people really inflate things by making noise. You're just loud. Not nearly as numbered as you try and make people believe.
@Carla What trap? You said
Any attempt to start a war within our own boarders would be squelched in a skinny minute.
You opened that door, so I'm asking the question...who is going to squelch it?

Instead of answering, you start a brand new thread and did exactly as I thought you would...deflect.

You haven't thought through the scenario's of which side will start it...tisk tisk little commie.
Carla · 61-69, F
@BizSuitStacy The military would shut it down. Toot sweet. I apologize for my answer not being as direct as you apparently need.
Not a deflction.

You didn't answer my question.
Neighbor vs. neighbor?
State vs. state?

And yes... I'm whistling. But i won't be vague. You people=maga cult.
@Carla oh...the military...just suspend posse comitatus. Perhaps you don't understand the division between tv generals and real ones. You simply believe the military will just follow orders? How did that work out in 1861? It will split. In the case of civil war, they always do. How in the hell do you think civil wars actually start?

Neighbor v neighbor...they always are. State v state...possibly could descend into that if there's some form of secession. It seems you don't understand what a civil war actually is.

Not saying it will happen tomorrow...just saying that the current path you communist maniacs are on...you'll either start it (most likely scenario) or you'll push people to the brink where fighting and dying is a better alternative than living under your tyranny.

Remember the Kenyan telegraphed this with his famous dog whistle of "fundamentally transforming America." Straight out of the marxist playbook.
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@jshm2 there is truth in that statement. All empires eventually fall...great success always attracts the corrupt and it collapses from within.
I'm a little confused about who is the West here., but ok.
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Any attempt to start a war within our own boarders would be squelched in a skinny minute.
Squelched by whom...?
sladejr · 56-60, M
@Carla who's gonna put down Real Americans Carl? The pink hair twink boys?

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