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Allies, the non-Meacham view of a partnership

I'm continuously surprised about the absolute ignorance of the majority of people around on what it means to be at helm of a nation as big and powerful like the US today. History doesn't learn us anything, no, but we do need to know it. Perhaps you've read Jon Meachan's book about the great friendship between FDR and Churchill during World War Two. True history writing, but that doesn't make a full omelette either. Some amongst us even today are blinded to what happened between the two allies for real. Yes, FDR really knived Churchill in the back due to his handling of issues concerning the British Empire. He didn't like it and wanted it gone. Alright, the just war was won because of the relationship between these two allies. And I'm sure that it couldn't have handled any better. Even the choice of disappointing the Free Polish allies with the post-war settlement. Sure, and Stalin got into the act of belittling Churchill at Yalta too. The poor donkey was Churchill and the British Empire, and Winston wrote about that in full. However, it all caused the right blocks to fall into the right holes. The UN was created and there was some agreement of how to proceed after the war. It needed to be put forward at the United Nations level. That's why the Korean war and the war for the Punjab could be settled in the end too. Why is so much of this history either lost or completely ignored? [media=https://youtu.be/z-ABKnToCnA]
therighttothink50 · 56-60, M
The UN is the most corrupt and evil organization ever formed, I am sick of subsidizing its corruption and evil leftist globalist agenda which is anti human, anti freedom and anti middle class.
val70 · 51-55
@therighttothink50 Good for you. You got something else to put in its place then? Somehow it seems to me that most people don't realise there's a problem now

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