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So since we are going to die in a nuclear fallout it seems what would you do with the time you have left if it was truly the end?

I think I need to start living like death is tomorrow.
Nimbus · M
Cancel the magazine subscription.
@Nimbus playboy?
Nimbus · M
@SlippingAway The Economist
Reason10 · 61-69, M
I wouldn't be looking to build an underground shelter just yet. Biden only has a few months left as an unelected president before the Kevin McCarthy House impeaches him and the Senate removes him from office. It's never too late to be optimistic. Kamala the Ugandan Giant will damage her party so much domestically, that Putin will be too busy laughing to even think about pushing that button.

The world had a bigger reason to worry during the Carter Years, when the Soviet Union marched into Afghanistan. I think we have time for cooler and more intelligent (read, REPUBLICAN) heads to prevail.
I'd just do what I always do. I mean, its not like anything I do matters much if I'm gone tomorrow
Just live it how I am now I live my life to its very fullest as it is
@SW-User fully without a political present, and fully with no future is actually the unexamined life. But whatever.
I think I’ll start with the hors d'oeuvres
@Lemonadepopper I am going to eat everything no holding back
Death could be tomorrow for all you know ...

Less time here
I’m already living that way.
@BiasForAction I need to start
i'm trying to give a fuck about anthing anymore
Wiseacre · F
I wouldn’t do anything different
There's totally a lot we can do, no reason we gotta let NATO and the free market kill us all.
But it's just delicious seeing the libs heads explode. No way we're going back.
@Roundandroundwego I am just being silly really with this question
@SlippingAway of course you are! Murkan means make fun of libs, living and life! Fun, fun fun! You gotta love other people's pain. Good fun.
caccoon · 36-40
@caccoon probably not just being dramatic

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