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Check out the image feed guys!!

QueenOfTheNerds41-45, F


"please don't ask me"
Notsimilarreally31-35, F
@bookerdana ok, I tell you!! No asky
@Notsimilarreally But will I go馃槖

icedsky51-55, M
Nooooooooo! I've done it, but just NOOOOOOOOO! My eyes!
Notsimilarreally31-35, F
@Ontheroad the depravity is real 馃樀
@Notsimilarreally The image feed is not for the faint of heart. I mean, fine, you want to show off your bits and pieces, do so in DMs with like minded folks, but please.... my eyes!馃ぃ
AlchemyFox36-40, F
Do you double dong dare me?
Degbeme70-79, M
@AlchemyFox No! Double bong dare you. ;)
Haha no. 馃懡
Notsimilarreally31-35, F
@mindstruggle I know you really want to see it though 馃檮
I didn鈥檛 see anything except for selfies and bunch of normal-ish stuffs 馃槰
deadteddy26-30, F
Mine looks somewhat normal today, I must have that person blocked
Notsimilarreally31-35, F
@deadteddy or it was your filter....either way I'm happy for you 馃ぃ
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Notsimilarreally31-35, F
@geoam1 I'm trying to help you....uhh.....have sweeter dreams 馃槍
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On purpose?

That's a hell no
WaryWitchWandering36-40, F
I鈥檓 scared of that place haha
caPnAhab26-30, M
I'm not sure that I want to
I wish I could unsee that. 馃
Degbeme70-79, M
CestManan46-50, F
Mostly it is just boring stuff but yeah some weirdness on there.
Justenjoyit56-60, M
To be honest, everytime I look at the image feed on here which is not often, I only see normal things
Justenjoyit56-60, M
@Notsimilarreally I just looked 10 pages back and just normal things, nothing sexual
Notsimilarreally31-35, F
@Justenjoyit maybe you don't have show nsfw filter on
Justenjoyit56-60, M
@Notsimilarreally I Just put that filter on, lol I can see now 馃槄
iamonfire69641-45, F
I have learned to never do that anymore because nightmares 馃ス
I don't go there
Hanginginthere31-35, M
I never got the point of the image feed, it鈥檚 just as effective to look at each profile for pictures, that鈥檚 why we all have albums and can create them..

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