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Bidenomics the definition of misery for everyone but the global elite….

Bidenomics: US Economic Misery Index Rose Significantly During Biden Years

Excerpt below from full article above.

[Despite White House claims to the contrary, indicators show that Americans are economically worse off under Biden than under Trump.
The US Misery Index is higher under Biden. The Misery Index is an economic indicator that measures the economic distress experienced by everyday people.
It combines the risk of unemployment with the increasing cost of living by adding the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate to the inflation rate. A lower score indicates less economic misery and a higher standard of living.

Until the pandemic lockdowns started in 2020, which Trump opposed, the U.S. experienced some of the lowest years of misery and the best economy in decades. In fact, in 2019, the U.S. experienced the lowest Misery Index since Eisenhower.

So far, the Biden years have all had a higher average Misery Index. Even since ending the pandemic lockdowns, Biden’s America is living in a greater degree of misery than during Trump]

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