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What happens when Bidenomics and green technocrats mix? You get maggot milk and nine dollar cokes…..

Bill Gates Launches ‘Maggot Milk’ to Feed General Public

Excerpt below from full article above.

[Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has launched a new project that seeks to introduce “maggot milk” into the food supply of the general public.
The new “EntoMilk” is described as a “dairy alternative” that is made from “black soldier fly larvae” or maggots.
The maggots are blended into a “rich and creamy liquid which looks and acts just like dairy,” according to its creators.
“It’s got a very creamy mouthfeel,” a promotional video claims.
Gates and his allies argue that EntoMilk should replace traditional dairy milk because farming allegedly destroys the planet.]

Bidenomics: Man Sparks Internet Outrage After Paying $9.35 For A Diet Coke At Six Flags

Excerpt below from full article above.

[Just when you’ve thought you’ve seen the worst, most egregious examples of inflation rearing its head, we give you: Six Flags.
The theme park was in the news this week after a customer went viral for spending $9 for a single Diet Coke at the park’s concessions, as was reported by DailyDot.
Guyset (@theguyset) posted a viral video on TikTok expressing shock over paying $9.35 for a Diet Coke at Six Flags, showing his receipt as proof. Despite the high price, he bought it. He noted in the caption that both he and the cashier were stunned by the cost.

Other TikTokers shared similar experiences of high prices at amusement parks, concerts, and airports. One user recalled paying $12 for M&Ms at a concert, while another mentioned spending $15 on a small bag of jerky at an airport.

Many users shared their outrage over Six Flags’ prices. One mentioned paying $10 for a bottle of water, while another noted that at Kings Dominion, a slice of pizza and a breadstick cost $17.
A TikToker highlighted similar issues at other parks, citing an $85 bill for 2 hotdogs, 2 slices of pizza, and 3 drinks at Sesame Place for a family of four.
To emphasize the price difference, one user pointed out spending just $4.48 for three 2-liter bottles at a grocery store. Another suggested a hack for staying hydrated at theme parks: buy refillable cups or get a membership that includes refills.]

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