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Please read the last several threads I wrote regarding how a moderate democrat who is not the camel is inaugurated January 2025.

I am very interested in your thoughts regarding that. Despite many on here lumping me in with current Trump lovers I fairly I might add in the past I voted for WJC once and BO twice. I freely admit to being slightly right of center in general overall however I consider every issue separately and do that for every candidate in every election. Where there is only one candidate for an office I leave it blank unless it’s someone I really know and support and where I know nothing regarding either candidate I leave that spot empty too. I think there are many people on here that are slightly left of center and use a similar vote by vote process similar to mine. There is not a lot of distance between them and me. YOU might even be one of them. Somehow and I blame the MSM for a large part when some someone says they support one party or the other IN GENERAL a listener will automatically conflate that person into an extremist on one side of the other. In fact, I believe extremists on both sides are fewer than we think and the MSM combined with the extemists’ loudness try to pretend moderates don’t exist because the extremists know just how few they are and so does the MSM.

If you’re a left or right leaning democrat or republican, please put some extra effort into putting the extremists on both sides in their proper place. Generally that would be a nuthouse.

Carla · 61-69, F
Look jack...you might want people to think you aren't in line with the maga movement, but ive seen you, many times stumping for trump. And as extremists go...he is exremeistist(purposeful made up word).
One look at what he chooses to repost on his website, a listen to his website rants, one quick perusal of project 2025 and anyone that is truly a person of integrity, could never support him or his sycophants.
People that once supported him should be shouting as loud as those that never have, to vote against the maga movement. If that means voting for biden or harris or whomever runs, on the democratic ticket. Any thing else is a vote for maga.
jackjjackson · 61-69, M
I like you a lot Carla and that’s somewhat reactionary. I certainly supported Trump in 2016 no doubt about. I voted for neither in 2020. I can’t vote for Biden or Harris. There are dems that I would vote for and Moan Shapiro is at the top of the list. I’d vote for RFK JR before I’d never ever vote for Trump in 2024. My positions 8 years ago aren’t my positions now. NOW Trump’s jackassery outweighs any policies which I may think are superior to other candidates. Curious, in what years did you vote for a Republican presidential candidate. I’ve written above the three times I’ve voted for democrat presidential candidates. Labeling me as a proTrumper after 2016 is simply false.
I don't think it matters much. With very few exceptions, the candidates nominated from either party are people the globalist cabal can control. The truth is, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, Obama, and Biden all answer to the same masters.
jackjjackson · 61-69, M
Seems so. Trump likely not? @BizSuitStacy
@jackjjackson if Trump was controlled, he'd get some media pushback...comparable to what they did to the Bushes.
If we're going to blame the MSM, can we also throw in both parties and the two party system?
jackjjackson · 61-69, M
Of course. Goes almost without saying. Both parties hurt rather than help US citizens. @MistyCee

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