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Biden’s windmill, solar panels and electric car economy only works in a fantasy world, US treasury bonds continue to be dumped.

China Dumps $74,000,000,000 in US Treasuries in One Year As Two BRICS Nations Say They’ve Abandoned Dollar in Mutual Trade

Excerpt below from article above.

[China has sold more than $74 billion in US Treasuries in the last year, according to new numbers from the Treasury Department.
China has decreased its Treasuries holdings from $849 billion to $775 billion between the beginning of Q2 2023 and Q2 2024, reaching its lowest holdings since 2009.]


Remember when the SHTF and nobody is willing to buy US debt anymore where Joe Biden and the Uniparty politicians were spending your money. On such things as green fantasy projects, endless wars, illegal third world aliens, medical tyranny, the transgender woke agenda and pork barrel nonsense.

How many ways can you say the word treason? 12 years of this O’Biden destruction will not end well.

The freak world the Left has created is pure evil. Those who support and or ignore this psychopathic agenda deserve the hell these demons are unleashing upon the world.

These people are not human, they are satanic freaks hell bent on ushering in a dystopia.

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