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Over forty campuses that need to be quieted and disciplined

Education didn't make them patriotic. They don't love their country. What do you think should be done about them?
Quetzalcoatlus · 46-50, M
Isn’t protesting a constitutionally protected activity?
missyann · 56-60
@Roundandroundwego Why do you consider arming police illegal to control US protesters?
@missyann because they're conspirators in the war against exercising the right to protest. Armed ones. But I think gaslighting me is the end of discussion, here. No they're not! It's pining for the Fiords.
missyann · 56-60
@Roundandroundwego Don’t know how I’m gaslighting you, but OK in the discussion and then
missyann · 56-60
I personally think before anyone just got out of high school, wanting to go to college should have to spend two years in the military first. If for nothing else the six weeks Boot Camp.. then they can get a college education. Then we’ll see what they cry about.
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Max41 · 26-30, M
There are 4000 Mosques in USA,
3000 Mosques in UK,
8000 Mosques in Russia,

0 Churches in Saudi.

Those who didn't learned Equality in their country , won't do Equality in a Kafir(Non Muslim) country.

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