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My favorite 3 biggest lies that came out of Israel since the 7th of October

1/ 40 beheaded children. That was a lie and the CNN reporter apologized for the lie.

2/ raped women. That was also a lie and there is no physical evidence for it. the Los Angeles times correspondent had to apologize for that lie

3/ that the number of Palestinians killed in Gaza are not accurate. in response , the ministry of health published all the names and ID numbers of all the killed gaza civilians .
ArtieKat · M
Where's the graph of the Sephardic Jews you promised me, @Moon3624? Is there a reason you're reluctant to share that?
Moon3624 · 18-21, F
Gaza is a strip that is so inhumanely dense. It’s the most densely populated place on the face of the earth.
Despite of this their access to water and electricity etc even before the 7th of October was way under their needs and restricted by Israel .
The extreme density is also Israel’s fault. Israel pushed endless Palestinians from all sorts of villages and cities into it and then built a wall imprisoning them in it.
Israel does a fascinating job in separating Palestinians from each other.
They separate the Palestinians in Gaza
From the Palestinians in east Jerusalem
From the Palestinians in the West Bank.
Even the Palestinians within the West Bank are separated by walls and illegal Israeli settlements and enclaves.
Because Israel doesn’t want the Palestinians to unite.
Divide and conquer rule.
Israel already has been illegally again illegally occupying both the West Bank and east Jerusalem and I do not even need to mention the horrific apartheid going on there which is heavily documented by the UN , amnesty international , international Red Cross , save the children , Harvard etc…

And what about Gaza which is not “occupied”?
Yeah… you mean Gaza which is under almost 20 years of illegal blockade which every year the UN condemns rigorously ? You mean Gaza which is
Israel’s test field for new weapons before they sell them? And Israel’s favorite play field when elections draw near?
And don’t tell me the blockade is because of Hamas
Because they were “temporarily “ under blockade before Hamas came into power
It seems as if no matter who got into power they would have remained under this control by Israel. Israel would have found any excuse to control Gaza.
I mean their politicians have already made it clear over and over that they don’t want Palestine to come into existence or for Palestinians to be independent .

It is referred to as a “war” and this is a pathetic way to word it.
1 out of every 200 gazans killed is a genocide
“oh well Hamas use their people as human shields “
Or maybe just maybe Israel is a nuclear superpower with nato support and Gaza is made up of 50% children with no military , no control of its water and air space and almost no existing economy?
Just maybe?

I mean Hamas Rockets and bombs are mostly home made
Israel should be ashamed to
Compare the war between two sovereign nations (Ukraine and Russia )
To it and Gaza.
And the thing is Israel under international law does not even have the right to self defense against Gaza
Let alone bombard them to pieces and invade them .
I quote the following :

Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur on the occupied Palestinian territories, has said that Israel cannot claim the right of ‘self-defence’ under international law because Gaza is a territory which it occupies. Her comments came in a speech to the National Press Club in Canberra, Australia.

How do you self defense against a territory you fucking illegally occupy?
What kind of absurdity is that?!
Israel has so far damaged more then 50% of all housing units in Gaza
This seems like they want to displace the Palestinians on purpose and push them out into Europe or Egypt or any other country continue their culture of displacement and land theft.

The average public school in the USA has 500 students
This means Israel has unalived every single child from 10 school in less than a month . What is this massacre ?

Bakeries ? Bombed
Schools ? bombed
Hospitals ? Bombed
Homes ? bombed
Churches ? Bombed
Mosques ? Bombed
boarder between Gaza and Egypt ? Bombed
UN facilities ? Bombed
Refugee camps ? Bombed
Ambulances ? Bombed

These stats are from 8 days ago so causalities have increased but take a look :

You can call Hamas a terrorist organization which is completely fine
But using the same standards you used to refer to them as such then you are forced to call the IDF a terrorist organization.
Because they did/do everything Hamas does /did
(You are welcome to view my post named “every Israeli accusation is Israeli confession )
The only difference is
one does it in a bigger scale and who started it and in the process of land theft
And the other is the reaction to that oppression

So why the hypocrisy ?

Here is Gaza and Israel conflicts before 7th of October war :

So the outcome of this “war “

1/ just like the previous ones it eventually ends and the blockade apartheid and oppression continues and another big scale assault form either side happens later .

2/ Israel steals Gaza like every single Israeli territory and annexes into Israel
And seizes all its Untouched oil and natural gases estimated worth of 500+ billion and builds their Ben Gurion Canal project
And then continue with their bigger Israel plan which includes parts of Syria Lebanon etc

So yeah very simple ….
Anyone who supports this colonial and apartheid regime is a savage .
ArtieKat · M
@Moon3624 Goodbye
Moon3624 · 18-21, F
@ArtieKat I replied to you thoroughly in two long messages and all I got back is “goodbye”

bye to you too
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Virgo79 · 61-69, M
Something good to post if CNN apologized for a lie,lol.
specman · 51-55, M
Did you read about those reasons you have? Like those who read about the opposite? How do you know that your information is true?
Moon3624 · 18-21, F
@specman unlike you I actually keep up with information.
You can literally double check the statements I made
specman · 51-55, M
@Moon3624 they might have been said, but are they true?
Moon3624 · 18-21, F
@specman ._.

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