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Very sad news..

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Dum ass.. where you been? Duh..
Youre a genius, wrong, but a genius still.
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Ive been informed by a very credible source, that humanity is indeed a extra terrestrial reality show/entertainment experiment for shits and giggles. Im going off grid. Good luck people. Im out.

Harlow · 31-35, F
I think we got off kinda lucky compared to some other realities.
Meanwhile in a parallel universe
Coppercoil · M
@Harlow lol.. i don't even know what im seeing here.. oh. Lol.. i get it now! Thats pretty cute ☺️❤️
Rokasu · 36-40, M
They should just let me marry Oprah already.
Coppercoil · M
@Rokasu you have to win the next challenge though, and not get voted off the planet by dying while trying to win.
Lilnonames · F
@Rokasu no more cucumbers butt big chicken legs haha
Rokasu · 36-40, M
@Coppercoil Death is an option? Sign me up for that.
Lilymoon · F
Hey get back here you 🤗
Coppercoil · M
@Lilymoon ok.. ok.. just this once.. and just for you ☺️🤗
Lilymoon · F
@Coppercoil Awww yayyy 😊 💙
Pretzel · 61-69, M
I heard that it was a result of them dumping their toilet holding tanks
Coppercoil · M
@Pretzel hmmmm... ill look into it! This makes sense.
Pretzel · 61-69, M
@Coppercoil it eplains soooooooooo much
Carissimi · 61-69, F
I can believe it.
Coppercoil · M
@Carissimi yup.. all the pieces are starting to fall into place!
DeluxedEdition · 26-30, F
This is too funny 😂

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