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So a venezualan ship opened fire on a German cruiseliner recently in international waters 馃え the venezualan navy ship sank itself after ramming it several times trying to get it into venezualan waters. As funny as I find that image that's pretty fucked.
Not too surprising coming from Maduro as he's a fuckin asshole.
Paliglass41-45, F
That was like 12 hours ago. But it is funny.

However the US is fucking with Venezuela, that's not funny. They threatened to send war ships so it's probably why they attacked the cruise ship.
Paliglass41-45, F
@Joeyyy US are trying to Pirate Venezuela. They are ganging up on them with Columbia - because they don't have drug interests at all - it's so see through, if it wasn't disgusting it'd be funny.
Joeyyy26-30, M
@Paliglass I know Maduro was indicted on drug charges and theres a 15 mil bounty for his arrest so it wouldn't surprise me. Apparently Venezuala (not sure who said it) claimed the cruise liner had mercenaries. I don't know how they would know that but it sounds like paranoia because of that.
Paliglass41-45, F
@Joeyyy sounds like offensive defence.
PoetryNEmotion61-69, F
Jesus. Reminds me of that train engineer who tried to drive the train off the tracks to hit the Naval medical ship in California a few days ago. The world is in chaos.
Joeyyy26-30, M
@PoetryNEmotion Damn. Was that somebody who thought covid was a hoax?. Or I might be thinking of another recent story.
PoetryNEmotion61-69, F
@Joeyyy He said he was suspicious and didn't believe the purpose of the ship was valid. What a nut job.
SolveEtCoagula31-35, F
Lol the ship that the patrol was attacking even offered help as it was attacking it 馃槀
Joeyyy26-30, M
@SolveEtCoagula Its such a pathetic situation 馃槀
DDonde31-35, M
The Venezuelan ship opened fire and then sank itself??
Joeyyy26-30, M
@DDonde Yup. Tried to ram it and ended up sinking itself because the cruiseliner was built for travelling in the arctic. So it has a reenforced hull.
Wow. How long ago did this happen?
Joeyyy26-30, M
@Jasondf about 12 hours ago apparently.

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