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1st March and St David's Day and the first day of meteorological spring.

Upon St David's Day
Put oats and barley in the clay..
In the Roman calendar March,or Martius, was the first month of a new year. The month was named after Mars, the god of war and the guardian of agriculture. March was the month when both farming and warfare could begin again after winter. (There have always been wars waiting to start)

I Martius am! Once first, and now the third!
To lead the year was my appointed place;
A mortal dispossessed me by a word,
And set there Janus with the double face.
Hence I make war on all the human race;
I shake the cities with my hurricanes;
I flood the rivers and their banks efface,
And drown the farms and hamlets with my rains.
H.W. Longfellow. In the Harbour, The Poets Calendar 1882

The Saxons called it Hlydmonath meaning loud month for the windy weather or Lentmonath or lengthening month, because of the equinox and lengthening of days and this is the origin of the word Lent. By the end of the month there will be two extra hours of daylight and then we'll change clocks on the last day of March which is also Easter Sunday.
Dry days are precious to get seeds sown .. A peck of dust in March is worth a king's ransom.

DrWatson70-79, M
I actually learned about St. David's Day from posts on SW years ago.

Hard to imagine something edifying happening here, right? 馃槃

So....HAPPY ST DAVID'S DAY to all those who celebrate it!
Jemimapuddleduck31-35, F
@DrWatson I didn't know anything about it at all until I looked it up. Very interesting ..

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