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Some Spring images around the yard

'It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine…'”
-from The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Upon a nice mid-spring day,
Let's take a look at Nature's way.
Breathe the scent of nice fresh air,
Feel the breeze within your hair.

Hear the buzzing of the bees,
Climb the tallest willow trees.
Look across the meadow way,
And you shall see some butterflies play

See the daisies as they grow,
Watch a gentle cold stream flow.
Know the sounds of water splash,
Catch its glimmer in a flash.

When altogether all seems sound,
Lay yourself upon the ground.
Take a moment to inhale,
And listen to Nature tell her tale... 💚

These are beautiful pictures from your garden ... I love the spring in which nature spoils us again with her impressive variety of colors and shapes, smells and impressions. And your pictures shows her richness very impressively :) (Y)
@MoonlightLullaby It may not be surprising, but I share your opinion :) and every true nature lover I have had the pleasure to meet has been a sensitive, compassionate and extremely kind character :)
MoonlightLullaby · 41-45, F
@RobinPhoenix I'd like to think people see me as kind and compassionate. I definitely know it's my intent. I can honestly assure you that I am hardcore sensitive & it's not necessarily a good trait at times. Sigh.
@MoonlightLullaby I know what you mean. My wife, my son and I are all highly sensitive. It´s true, it often is a curse to feel and perceive everything more intensely than others do, but we are who we are and cannot change it... we can only accept it and make the best of it.
Too often people like you and me and so many others are seen as weak or "damaged". But feeling intensely is not a sign of weakness, it is the mark of great aliveness and compassion. It is not the empathic person that is broken, but our emotionally handicapped society. There's nothing shameful about expressing feelings authentically...because it keeps alive the dream of a more humane world.
JimboSaturn · 51-55, M
I don't have very good spring gardens. My front garden had some tulips. The squirrels decided that our placement wasn't right and moved them around
@JimboSaturn wow very nice!
calicuz · 51-55, M

Those damned Squirrels!!! 🤣
calicuz · 51-55, M

Great shot!!!
@JimboSaturn now THAT screams Spring
JimboSaturn · 51-55, M
@robingoodfellow I watch UK gardening shows like Gardeners World and Beachgrove Garden and they really had a drought last year and a cold winter. I hope things are better this year.
Loretta78 · 41-45, F
You have indeed a beautiful yard. 🌻🌳
MoonlightLullaby · 41-45, F
Oh my, such gorgeous pictures! Your yard looks like heaven. I don't play the jealousy game, but call me jelly of your views. 💚
@MoonlightLullaby then one more picture just for you, Moonlight.
We're having a very dry Spring here. It's concerning. Last summer was very dry, vegetables did not do well and some of my perennial herbs died off. I'm hoping there isn't a repeat of last year but so far it doesn't bode well.
MoonlightLullaby · 41-45, F
@robingoodfellow Oh wow. I'm sorry to know that. It looks as if things are still verdant, so hopefully things turn around soon since I can only imagine Summer's havoc.😔

Is that beautiful planter supposed to be Goddess Gaia or Flora? Perhaps neither, or maybe even Persephone.🤔 It's gorgeous regardless.💖
@MoonlightLullaby I have a pair of those planters. They're molded from a French antique, from what I understand.
JimboSaturn · 51-55, M
Awesome! Nice property and gardens. Looks similar to mine (but better). I even see the same weeds popping up!

You have a nice variety of plants!
@JimboSaturn half the weeds in my yard go into my salads. Look up your weeds, you'd be surprised!
JimboSaturn · 51-55, M
@robingoodfellow Yes like dandelions! Yes I should I know my neighbour eats this weed, but he is Asian and eats everything.
SlaveEt · 36-40, F
So green, colorful and full of life! I need help in my yard. It is dusty, lifeless and ugly😳😢 gotta get the irrigation fixed!
Indy74 · 46-50, F
Absolutely gorgeous photos.....you are ever so lucky to have such a garden!!
Magenta · F
Just glorious. ♥️
You're way ahead of us for spring.
originnone · 56-60, M
You have a beautiful yard....
Such lovely sights to see.
calicuz · 51-55, M
Those are some great shots!!!
I love the photo of the ferns unfurling in the dead leaves at the base of the tree....i love a slightly wild garden.🤗
@OogieBoogie yes I like some sense of wildness to be present. Push nature in the direction I want it to go rather than create something perfectly cultivated .
@robingoodfellow im so with you on that philosophy. Plus it makes your garden alive with birds and tiny fauna like butterflies and lizards and such....and i love that.

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