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I Am a Proud African American

I see no African American responded to this group.
I am African American and I want to be the first one to say I am proud also.

If this silence continues here at Similar Worlds I am suggesting to you to go to WordPress and create a blog that appeals to Blacks and sit back and wait for followers to respond.

You will have a wider audience and in time you may attract a group that will stick with you.

There are very few blacks who even know about Similar Worlds.
And fewer still who share your Black Pride.
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@Overwatch6 That is why a good volume of black history would help you understand black terminology.
Black Pride was born in the late 1960's.

It was black activists, black intellectuals, black artists and writers who reeducated African American to be proud of their African American heritage and to be proud of themselves.

Take pride in their hair texture rheir dark skin broad noses thick lips etc.

Because up until that movement many blacks weren't proud of their physical appearance.

The afro hair was born again in this time period.
Those big beautiful nappy puffy hair.styles were absolutely stunning.

It was a great time for Africa America.

We could call each other black without shame.

Did you know before the Black Pride movement.
I called a male classmate black in playful way
He was furious and it took 2 boys to keep him from beating the life out of me.

So you see Black Pride has nothing to do with hate.
It is all about Black Psychology.
SweetMae · 70-79, F
I am glad that you shared this. Hopefully more people with join the group.
R5000 · 41-45, M
Is there a white guilt group too?
@R5000 Ask the guy who shot down two African Americans in a Kentucky small town grocery Mart because the place he originally intended to shoot up a black church had it's doors locked
Ask him about white guilt groups.
R5000 · 41-45, M
I asked you
helen60 · 51-55, F
are you african or american
@helen60 yes I am.
helen60 · 51-55, F
@Starrysky dual nationality?
iamnikki · 31-35, F
marquitarobinson · 26-30, F
I thought I joined this group. Oh well, doesn't matter I'm proud too 😊

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