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I Wtk Your Song Of The Day And Why

[b][u]Noise Ratchet - Crush[/u][/b]|
(Mandy Moore cover)

Oh man I feel like [i]SUCH A DORK[/i]. But...well - he's got me all kinds of confused right in the feels. Confused but in [i]such[/i] a good long LONG overdue way. Finally feeling like not such a f-up, like I have some hope for healthy mutual feels and hope of having someone in my life whose sole mission in life isn't about reminding me of me of my shortcomings and worthlessness. For the first time in almost a year and a half I feel sunshine in my soul.

Gaaahhhh What is happening to me?!? From being totally gutted to feeling like this so fast ... this is bad. [i]VERY baaad[/i]. Don't want to let myself dwell in that 'keep yourself grounded Star. Someone is gonna get hurt Star.' just yet - it feels good to feel like something good is blossoming. I'm gonna let myself marinade in this a bit.


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What is Your Song Of The Day, And Why?
so tell me your song of the day or one track that just keeps looping in your head
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