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I Love Vinyl Records

Although most of my music is digital (ripped from CDs or downloaded from iTunes), I'm building up a vinyl collection and getting into it as a hobby. It can be expensive, but fun. I'm not such an audiophile that I actually prefer vinyl most of the time (it can be a real pain in the ass to get right), but I enjoy it because the sound is different, and it's fun to be able to manipulate the sound in so many ways. I'm glad that vinyl is becoming more popular.
Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
Those of us who were stung by the doubling in price from vinyl to Compact Disc in the early 80's learned THEN that although technology might create a longer lasting copy of your favourite music. It wasn't necessarily 'better' quality'.
And now the jump to 'digital' where the record company gets the right to withdraw your 'paid for copy' anytime it feels like it.....
No thanks.
Been collecting Blues; Soul and Jazz on vinyl for 30 odd years.
Prices do get ridiculous the rarer this stuff becomes. But it is fun to see how many of the old Staxx; Blue note and even original Motown singles you can still get hold of; still find in excellent condition; can still play using modern 21st century stylus and turntables.
"More popular again!"
@SW-User It's interesting to read about how vinyl died out in the 80s and how people never saw its resurgence coming. Maybe when music quality reached its nadir in the 2000s with poor-quality mp3s and streaming, it was inevitable that a medium with so much potential for great sound should come back.
@SW-User imo i see it's current growth merely a fashion, a status, a cool factor phenomenon and unlikely to have any longevity.
@SW-User Maybe for the hipsters who won't get into serious sound, but I do think the current growth is encouraging more audiophiles (hence the popularity of Tidal and DACs). But certainly for some it's just a trend.
Jimmy2016 · 61-69, M
I prefer the sound of vinyl over digital.

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