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I Love Michael Jackson

huh...... i absolutely love this guy and though i wasn't lucky enough to be a 80s or 90s kid but i love his music so so so so much and it breaks my heart to see his interviews and how sad he was and how the tv show hosts and the world treated him like a being from another planet.... i just feel so bad that he gave all of himself to this world, to the people and what did we give in return? false allegations. This world made him away from the only thing he loved so much ''children''... i just can't imagine his grief his loneliness, his tiredness. everything about him was misunderstood. This world totally smashed his beautiful soul. In his interviews i love when he smiles because his smile makes me smile too i can see from the screen how innocent and shy and a beautiful person he was and i can't even imagine how wonderful it would have been to know him personally but sadly the people who did know him personally just backstabbed him. There are parts of his interview when i want to hug him so bad and say 'YOU ARE NOT ALONE, I AM HERE FOR YOU' but he is gone and will never return never ever.... although its been almost 10 years since his death but it doesn;t feels like... it feels like that he is still out there somewhere touring or dancing but the part that makes me happy is that now he is resting in peace that KIND HUMAN BEING is away from all this world's trash and its trashy people. Rest in peace friend, you don't need to cry anymore or be sad or be alone because i believe you are in heaven with God and praising him with your beautiful voice.
A 16 year old
A black man who wanted to be a white woman. A demented man who dangerously dangled his child over a balcony and invited other peoples' children into his bed. Still, he was talented.
@everlastinglove He also built an inner bedroom sanctum: a shrine to Shirley Temple. He literally wanted to be her and confessed this to his closest friends. He and Richard Simmons had the largest Barbie Doll collections in the USA. He'd spend hours every day playing with them.
@SW-User oh can u tell me where can i see this?
@SW-User any of his friends telling the media about this or he confessing it? like anything from his close family members???
FindingHope · 26-30, F
I feel the same way.. I love him so much. He was such a beautiful soul ❤️So kind and innocent. He will always have my heart. Always.
IzzyZ2002 · 22-25, F
He looked creepy to be honest but his music is timeless. I love his 80s music better. Too bad I was born in 2002.

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