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I Love Music

Let us set the stage for our deliverance. There comes a time when we has mortals find our truths. The date, October 19, 1994, the place Earls Court, the city, London United Kingdom, yes the Gods and Goddesses were watching. They sent to us messengers from the cosmos, from somewhere that the merest of mortals cannot go.

The messengers in this tale are Pink Floyd, and this is their song. Let us name the names for history sake. Let us count them in the stars, the galaxies, the nebula, and let us count them without the boundaries of mortal thinking, for this is immortal thought, both in practice and prose. And in this piece of the ages, perhaps we shall touch the face of the Gods and Goddesses. The piece is simply Comfortably Numb. The messengers are as follows;
Principal Musicians [/b]

David Gilmour CBE
Lead Vocals | Guitars | Lead Guitars | Strings | Steel Guitars | Effects | Principal Writer |

Nick Mason CBE
Lead Percussion | Drums | Rhythm | Effects | Principal Writer | Founding Member |

Richard Wright
Keyboards | Vocals | Synthesizers | Keyboard Effects | Principal Writer | Founding Member |

Guy Pratt
Bass Guitars | Strings | Vocals | Effects |

Jon Caron
Keyboards | Chimes | Keyboard Effects | Vocals |

Gary Wallis
Percussion | Backing Drums | Bells | Chinese Gong | Effects |

Tim Renwick
Backing Guitars | Strings | Acoustic Guitars | Effects |

Dick Parry
Saxophones | Woodwinds | Horns |

The Mistresses of the Night[/b]

Durga McBroom
Backing Vocals

Sam Brown
Backing Vocals

Claudia Fontaine
Backing Vocals

The Honorable Mentions[/b]

Roger "Syd" Barrett
Lead Guitars | Strings | Vocals | Principal Writer | Founding Member | Spiritual Guide |

Roger Waters
Bass Guitars | Guitars | Strings | Effects | Principal Writer | Founding Member |

Bob Close
Guitars | Strings | Effects |

Polly Samson
Wife of David Gilmour CBE | Author | Poet | Principal Lyricist | Mother |

For I have for history's sake named the names, and I have marked this time for our progeny. For those that have came before, the ancient ones, the wise men and women, the present, and the future pupils of this thing we call music. It has been said that the true consummate masters of their craft are the true prophets, the soothsayers, the visionaries. They foretold our history and our future. Rest in Peace Syd, rest in peace Richard, your spirits and souls are in us all that believe.

We must until times end always remember that we are only mere mortals on this journey we call life. Where our souls go is left up to the Gods and the Goddesses, and from the dust we came, to the dust we shall all go. Peace until next time. Thank you for listening.

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