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I love this song


This song is so amazing.
manly46-50, M
OMG that's a total classic! Didya know it was first recorded back in 1978? Over 45 years ago!!! 馃
How did you discover it?
Tursha18-21, F
@manly [media=https://youtu.be/bEeaS6fuUoA] Here is another one.
manly46-50, M
@Tursha Bill Withers! 馃憦 One of my all-time fave soul voices. He was amaaaazing huh?

Do share another song 馃尀
Tursha18-21, F
@manly I will
That is a good song. The begining was alittle boring but it gets better. Where did you find that song
Tursha18-21, F
@req89hikowquou My mother use to play it when I was a child.
@Tursha i like that kind of music. I have a lot of favorite songs
Tursha18-21, F
@req89hikowquou Share one with me.
Strongtea22-25, M
I鈥檝e never heard it before, but it鈥檚 amazing! Thankyou!
Beautiful song 馃挀
Tursha18-21, F
@TartanTorpedo yes it is!!!
[i][c=BF0080]Same.. [/c][/i]
HairbrushDiva31-35, F
I like that one, it's the best one I've heard by Rose Royce.
Speakyourmind26-30, M
Try The Three Degrees 鈥淲hen will I see you again鈥
Would you marry it? 馃
Tursha18-21, F
@BeefySenpie I don't ever want to get married, but if I did "yes".
MrGoodbar51-55, M
great song indeed
馃槍 love it!
Yes, it鈥檚 really beautiful. I remember slow dancing to it in college, decades ago.
Nice to hear it again. 馃槉

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